Ukrainian government survives no-confidence vote

Ukraine`s government survived a no-confidence vote on Tuesday after the prime minister apologised for a police crackdown on protests, while demonstrators massed outside parliament protesting the ex-Soviet state`s rejection of a historic EU pact.

Egypt MPs move to withdraw confidence from govt

A vote of no-confidence would take Egypt into new political waters and could set the stage for a confrontation.

Slovak PM survives no-confidence vote

Slovak PM Iveta Radicova survived a Parliamentary vote of no-confidence in the first such test of her centre-right coalition government`s stability.

Thai Prime Minister survives no-confidence vote

Abhisit Vejjajiva has said he will call early elections by mid-July.

Kuwait PM survives no-confidence vote

Kuwait PM was backed by 25 members in the 50-seat Parliament.

Thai PM survives no-confidence vote after turmoil

Thailand`s PM survived a no-confidence vote that was called after anti-government protests crippled the capital and 89 people were killed in street battles.

Thai PM survives no-confidence vote after turmoil

Thai PM survives no-trust vote on Wednesday after months of anti-govt protests.

Ukraine`s Govt faces no-confidence vote

Ukraine`s govt faces a vote of no-confidence as newly elected Prez Yanukovich moves to oust arch rival PM Tymoshenko and consolidate power.

East Timor government survives no-confidence vote

E Timor`s govt survived a no-confidence vote called after it met Indonesia`s request to release an alleged militia leader.