Cure for AIDS possible, says Nobel Prize winner

Nobel Prize winning scientist Francoise Barre-Sinoussi - discoverer of HIV - has said that a cure for AIDS now "might be possible."

`Human cloning could happen within 50 years`

Parents who lose their children in accidents may be able to clone their copies to replace them within 50 years, Sir John Gurdon has claimed.

Bangladesh turns up heat on Nobel winner Yunus

Bangladesh moved to force Nobel prize winner Muhammad Yunus out of his pioneering microfinance bank, with the central bank saying he had passed retirement age and had to go.

Hong Kong protest calls for Nobel winner`s freedom

The Nobel Committee infuriated China when it awarded the prize to Liu.

Nobel prize winner to interact with students

Eric A Cornell, the 2001 Nobel
Prize winner in Physics, will interact with students and
inspire them to take up science on his two day visit to the
Thiagarajah college of Engineering in Madurai from September 23.

Nobel Prize winner Norman Borlaug dies at 95

Nobel Prize-winning agricultural scientist Norman Borlaug has died in Texas at age 95.