Russia calls for international efforts to combat terrorism

Russia is calling on the international community to join efforts in defeating terrorism in the Middle East and North Africa, Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov said Monday.

Andha Pradesh urges MEA for steps to bring back workers stuck in Libya

Amidst spiralling violence in Libya, Andhra Pradesh government on Monday sought the Centre`s intervention to evacuate the people from the state who are working in the North African country.

Filipino worker beheaded by militiamen in Libya

A Filipino construction worker kidnapped by militia men in Libya has been beheaded by his captors, becoming the first Filipino casualty in the renewed violence in the North African state, the Philippine government said.

France to send troops to North Africa

French Defence Minister Jean-Yves Le Drian announced that a new batch of 3,000 troops would be sent to North Africa where they will combat terror threats, a media report said Monday.

New Libya PM`s home attacked, no casualties: Aide

Armed men attacked the home of new Libyan Prime Minister Ahmed Miitig in the capital Tripoli on Tuesday, an aide said.

Indian monsoon strengthened by dust kicked up in Asia

A new analysis of data from satellite has revealed a link between dust in North Africa and West Asia and stronger monsoons in India.

Swifts fly nonstop for more than six months at a time

A study has suggested that alpine swifts stay airborne for more than six consecutive months aloft at a stretch.

Facebook reveals it has 5.6mn active users in Middle East and North Africa

Facebook has revealed that it has 56 million active users in the Middle East and North Africa.

Al Qaeda endorses jihad in Kashmir, urges restraint in killing of non-Muslims

Al Qaeda leader Ayman al-Zawahri has issued his first specific guidelines for jihad, urging restraint in attacking other Muslim sects and non-Muslims and in starting conflicts in countries where jihadis might find a safe base to promote their ideas.

US to prioritise engagement with emerging Asian powers: Biden

US is revitalising and rebalancing its alliances to ensure prioritising engagements with allies, partners, and emerging powers in Asia, Vice President Joe Biden has said.

`Freedom gained during Arab Spring uprising under threat`

Democratic governance declined throughout the world in 2011, showing that gains made in the Middle East and North Africa during the Arab Spring are very fragile.

Al Qaeda calls death of US envoy a `gift`

Qaeda`s affiliate in N Africa urged Muslims to kill US government representatives and called the death of ambassador to Libya Chris Stevens a "gift".

Death sentence in absentia for Qaeda`s N Africa

An Algerian court sentenced the
head of al Qaeda`s north African offshoot to death in absentia for 2007 attacks.

North Africa may emerge as new ‘theatre of jihad’

N Africa could emerge as a new theatre of jihad with the handful of remaining top al Qaeda leaders shifting base from Pak and Afghan, UK officials have warned.

Al Qaeda`s N Africa branch says got Libya weapons

Al Qaeda`s North Africa franchise acknowledged it had acquired part of slain Libyan dictator Muammar Gaddafi`s arsenal.

North Africa migration tests EU open border system

Europe`s open borders are facing a major test with the arrival of north African migrants straining neighbourly relations, raising fears barriers will be dusted off and placed back between countries.

`Gaddafi`s daughter is Claudia Schiffer of Africa`

The Arab media describes Muammar Gaddafi`s only daughter Aisha as the “Claudia Schiffer of N Africa".

`Gaddafi`s daughter Aisha is Claudia Schiffer of North Africa`

Arab media dubbed Gaddafi`s daughter Aisha as "Claudia Schiffer of N Africa".

China rejects comparison with North Africa uprisings

Chinese PM said political and economic restructuring should be coordinated.

On Women`s Day, EU hails north Africa, E Timor

The European Union marked the
100th anniversary of International Women`s Day hailing women`s "crucial role in bringing about change in northern Africa".