Russia could be poised to invade Ukraine: NATO

Russia has amassed around 20,000 combat-ready troops on Ukraine`s eastern border and could use the pretext of a humanitarian or peace-keeping mission to invade, NATO said on Wednesday.

NATO ready to help Ukraine democratic reforms

NATO said it will continue to help Ukraine, which has close ties with the military alliance, to push ahead with democratic reforms.

NATO must plan for all Afghan options, including pullout

NATO must plan for all options, including a complete withdrawal from Afghanistan, but prefers an agreement with Kabul on a continued troop presence, the head of the military alliance said.

US air strike accidentally kills five Afghan police: NATO

A US air strike killed five Afghan policemen during a joint operation against insurgents, officials said.

17 villagers, NATO soldier killed in Afghanistan

An Afghan soldier opened fire on NATO troops at the Kandahar airfield, wounding three soldiers, Afghan officials said.

Three Indians killed in Taliban attack in Kabul

Three Indians were killed in a Taliban suicide attack on a NATO supply company`s compound in Kabul.

Eight suspected militants killed in Afghanistan

Eight suspected Taliban militants were killed and 10 injured as protesters and police clashed in Afghanistan`s Kandahar province, an official said.

War against Afghan`s Taliban being won: NATO

NATO said that the war against the Taliban in Afghanistan is being won, despite reports by other agencies of a sharp upsurge in insurgent attacks this year.

Germany offers troops for Afghan training mission

Germany now has about 4,170 troops in Afghanistan, mostly in the north, which has been a relatively calm region.

Afghan roadside bomb hits bus, nine killed

A roadside bomb in Afghanistan exploded under a bus, killing nine people and wounding at least 22 people in an attack by suspected Taliban militants.

NATO air strike kills 10 Afghan kids

At least 10 children were killed and six women were injured in Afghanistan`s Kunar province in a security operation involving NATO`s aircraft.

F-16 crashes in Afghanistan, killing pilot: NATO

NATO said in a statement that the cause of crash is still being investigated, but initial reporting indicates that there was no insurgent activity in the area.

Raid kills insurgent behind US troop death: NATO

The US-led international coalition in Afghanistan says a raid last week in the country`s east has killed an insurgent who was responsible for a 2012 insider attack.

Afghan leader, US general discuss civilian deaths

Afghan President Hamid Karzai demanded an explanation from the new top commander of US and NATO troops for an air strike that local officials say killed 10 civilians.