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US Supreme Court refuses to hear NSA surveillance case

The court declined to hear the NSA surveillance case despite a lower court's ruling that the program may be illegal.

US spy agency has ‘back door’ access to smartphones

The report said that the agency is able to penetrate iPhone data via the owner''s personal computer.

Oracle CEO Larry Ellison thinks NSA surveillance ‘essential’

Oracle CEO Ellison said that if people don’t like what the US government is doing then there is always the option of getting rid of the current government and bringing in a new one.

'Microsoft got over 400 requests from India for info on IDs'

Microsoft provided no content data in response to these requests, the company said.

No customer data was provided to US govt: Microsoft

The American tech giant asserted that it does not provide any government with direct access to emails or instant messages.

19 organisations sue US Government over NSA surveillance

Nineteen US organisations have filed a lawsuit against the National Security Agency (NSA), claiming that its secretive internet and telephone surveillance program violates the constitution.