Atomic bomb still scars Hiroshima, seven decades later
Atomic bomb still scars Hiroshima, seven decades later

Charred bodies bobbed in the brackish waters that flowed through Hiroshima 70 years ago this week, after a once-vibrant Japanese city was consumed by the searing heat of the world`s first nuclear attack.

'Denmark could face nuclear attack if it joins missile shield'

Russia's ambassador to Denmark said today that the NATO country's navy could be targeted by nuclear missiles if it joins the Western alliance's anti-missile shield.

N Korea slams new South-US pact against nuclear attack

North Korea on Monday lashed out at a new military pact between the South and the US aimed at guarding against potential nuclear attacks and threatened a "final destruction".

North Korea may have 200 mobile missile launchers

North Korea may have up to 200 mobile missile launchers, or twice the number previously estimated by South Korea’s authorities, South Korean media reported Friday.

Talks only if US stops hostile policy: North Korea

Pyongyang: Negotiations with the US would be possible only when Washington stops its hostile policy and nuclear threat against the Democratic People`s Republic of Korea (DPRK/North Korea), its foreign ministry said on Tuesday.

India vows violent response in case of N-attack

The IAF chief warned of an "absolutely violent, hard and harsh" response in case of a nuclear attack.

US not prepared to deal with nuclear attack: Report

The US` ability to deal with nuclear attack has been eroded, says a report.

Risk of nuclear attack increased: Hillary Clinton

With terror outfits like al Qaeda aiming to grab nuclear weapons, the US has warned that the risk of an atomic attack has increased and sought efforts to lock down the world`s vulnerable nuclear materials within four years.