Iran urges `new steps` from Russia to solve nuclear crisis

Iran`s new centrist leader Hassan Rowhani on Friday urged Moscow to help solve Tehran`s nuclear crisis as he met President Vladimir Putin for a key meeting at a security summit in Kyrgzystan.

French woman who fled during nuclear crisis sues NHK for firing her

A French woman has sued public broadcaster Japan Broadcasting Corp (NHK) for dismissing her after she left Japan in response to a French government warning issued during the Fukushima nuclear crisis.

Fukushima seafood on sale for 1st time since nuke crisis

The first seafood caught off Japan`s Fukushima coastline since last year`s nuclear disaster went on sale on Monday.

UN chief heads to Japan as nuclear crisis simmers

Ban has convened a nuclear safety summit for the UN
General Assembly in New York in September.

Japan PM wants to stay on and resolve nuclear crisis

Japan PM Naoto Kan, who faces a likely no-confidence motion in parliament, said on Tuesday he wants to stay in his post to resolve the nuclear crisis triggered by the March 11 earthquake and tsunami.

Japan voters want new PM as nuclear crisis seen prolonged

Seventy percent of Japanese voters want PM Naoto Kan to be replaced.

Japan utility head resigns amid nuclear crisis

TEPCO has reported massive losses related to its nuclear power plant.

Agony for Japan livestock farmers in N-crisis

As more people are forced to leave their homes around the stricken Fukushima nuclear plant, anger is growing in a farming community forced to make the agonising decision whether to slaughter livestock or face ruin.

Japan won`t abandon nukes despite crisis: Official

An official says Japan will maintain atomic power as part of energy policy.

Japan`s PM says sorry for nuke crisis

Naoto Kan is fighting criticism over his handling of the aftermath of March 11 quake and tsunami.

`Japan exaggerating nuclear crisis`

Russia`s nuclear chief said Japan may be seeking to reduce liabilities of insurance companies.

Japan N-crisis: Radiation leaks may take months to end, says govt

TEPCO found a crack in a concrete pit at No.2 reactor at Fukushima N-plant.

`Japan may take a decade to contain crisis`

Shamshad Khan discusses with Kamna Arora the crisis faced by the East Asian country.

Japanese operator to ‘scrap’ four reactors at Fukushima N-plant

TEPCO Chairman said four of its six reactors at stricken nuclear plant will be completely ‘scrapped`.

France, US offer help as Japan’s nuclear crisis deepens

France and the United States will help Japan in its battle to contain radiation from a crippled nuclear complex where plutonium finds have raised public alarm over the world`s worst atomic crisis since Chernobyl in 1986.

Japan on `maximum alert` over nuclear crisis: PM

Japan`s govt is in a "state of maximum alert" over the crisis at the stricken Fukushima N-plant.

Japan nuclear crisis far from over

The magnitude 9.0 quake and tsunami left over 27,100 people dead or missing.

Japan nuclear crisis still a serious concern: IAEA

The 1st official estimate put cost from March 11 disaster at over $300 bn.

More Coal projects likely to get clearances: Jaiswal

Coal Minister Sriprakash Jaiswal
today said more projects of Coal India are likely to get
go-ahead in the upcoming group of minister`s (GoM) meeting on
coal mining in go and no-go areas.

Japan makes progress in nuclear crisis

The Japan quake and tsunami are estimated to have killed 15,000 people in one prefecture alone.