Marshall Islands sues India, 8 others for possessing Nuclear-Arms

In a "David vs Goliath" battle, a tiny Pacific island nation today filed a lawsuit against nine nuclear-armed nations, including India, at the International Court of Justice for violating their legal obligation to disarm.

Future generations` safety worries Michael Douglas

Actor Michael Douglas supports nuclear disarmament and urges countries with nuclear power to save the planet.

North Korea rejects US offer, wants sanctions halted

North Korea refused to sign a non-aggression agreement that US Secretary of State John Kerry offered last week on condition of denuclearisation.

`Indo-Pak need to learn from US-Russia on nuclear disarmament`

Countries like India and Pakistan should learn from the experiences of Russia and US on the issue of nuclear disarmament, a former US Senator has said.

US demands N Korea commitment to N-disarmament

The United States has ended nuclear arms talks with North Korea with a message.

‘N Korea proposes to resume talks unconditionally’

North Korea has proposed restarting stalled six-party talks on nuclear disarmament.

France hosts P5 conference on N-disarmament

The conference will be a constructive step in the process of NPT states` engagement on disarmament.

Ten nations form new group to promote N-disarmament

The gathering was held on the sidelines of UN General Assembly meeting in NY.

UN Chief in Nagasaki calls for nuclear disarmament

UN Chief Ban Ki-moon called for the abolishment of nuclear weapons during a visit to Nagasaki.

Russia and US close to nuclear disarmament deal: Dmitry Medvedev

Russia and the United States are getting close to a deal on reducing their nuclear arsenals through a follow-up to the START treaty, Russia`s President Dmitry Medvedev said.

N Korea may return to talks in March or April

North Korea may return to nuclear disarmament talks in March or April, Yonhap news agency said on Sunday, citing an unnamed senior South Korean government official.

US-Russia nuclear talks `coming to a close`: Moscow

US-Russian talks on finding a replacement for the START nuclear disarmament treaty which is about to expire are "coming to a close”, Russia`s Foreign Ministry said on Friday, with no signs of a last-minute deal.

UAE calls for nuclear disarmament

The United Arab Emirates (UAE) has called for nuclear disarmament and welcomed the UN Security Council resolution 1887 in this regard.

US expects comprehensive UNSC resolution on n-disarmament

The UN Security Council summit to be chaired by US President Barack Obama next week is expected to pass a comprehensive resolution on nuclear non-proliferation and disarmament, country`s top diplomat to the UN has said.

Obama to lead UN debate on nuclear disarmament

US President Barack Obama is scheduled to preside over a UN Security Council session next month on nuclear disarmament.