Nuclear energy necessary for Tamil Nadu: Vasan

Pitching for use of nuclear power in Tamil Nadu, Tamil Maanila Congress president GK Vasan on Saturday said both the Central and state governments should explain its benefits to the people and ensure it does not affect the common man.

Brazil disconnects nuclear power plant

One of Brazil's two nuclear reactors has been disconnected because of a flaw in a condenser that cools the steam used by the plant's electric power generator.

US civil nuclear deal is in India's 'best interests': Kakodkar

Noted scientist and former Chairman of the Atomic Energy Commission (AEC) Anil Kakodkar on Thursday hailed the civil nuclear deal with the US as being in the "best interests" of the country, since it would enable India to meet its growing energy demand.

Japan aims to restart nuclear reactor in June: Sources

Japan`s government is aiming to restart a nuclear reactor by around June following a lengthy and politically-sensitive approval process in the wake of the Fukushima disaster, sources familiar with the plans said.

North Korea says to boost nuclear power to counter US hostile policy

 North Korea vowed on Saturday to boost its "nuclear power" to counter Washington`s hostile policy, saying it had become apparent the United States aimed to invade the North under the guise of human rights abuses. 

Not in public interest to disclose uranium produce: Govt

Government Wednesday cited "public interest" for not divulging details of the quantity of uranium produced annually in the country.

Israel premier warns of bad nuclear deal with Iran

Israel's prime minister says Iran remains "unrepentant" and "unreformed," warning the West against rushing into a deal with it on its nuclear program.

Mystery drone flights over French nuclear sites

French security chiefs are investigating a spate of mysterious and illegal overflights of French nuclear power stations by tiny, unmanned drones.

World powers warn of `serious gaps` in Iran talks

With just eight weeks left to broker a historic deal with Iran, world powers warned Friday they remained at loggerheads with the Islamic republic over curbing its nuclear ambitions.

Leaving Iran with nuclear enrichment would be catastrophic: Benjamin Netanyahu

Israeli PM Benjamin Netanyahu warned on Sunday that any nuclear deal leaving Iran with the capability to enrich uranium would be "catastrophic."

Russia seeks to make nuclear power cost-effective

Making the case for nuclear power over coal or gas-based plants that hasten climate change, Russia`s atomic energy corporation has unveiled the "atomic kilowatt hour" as a new cost-effective product of immense importance to energy-hungry emerging economies.

India nuke enrichment plant expansion operational in 2015: IHS

India is expanding a covert uranium enrichment plant that could potentially support the development of thermonuclear weapons, a defence research group said on Friday, raising the stakes in an arms race with China and Pakistan.

Bolivia to develop nuclear power: president

Bolivian President Evo Morales said Thursday that, with Argentina`s help, his country was working to develop nuclear power.

Japanese rally against nuclear power

Thousands of campaigners rallied against nuclear power in Tokyo Saturday, as the government and utilities move toward resumption of reactors in southern Japan.

India needs nuclear power till renewables fill gap: Abdullah

India needs nuclear power for civilian use till the time renewable energy is able to replace the use of fossil and nuclear fuels, Minister of New and Renewable Energy Farooq Abdullah said Thursday.

India can generate 27,000 MW of nuclear power in 10 years: PM

PM Manmohan Singh batted for nuclear power as "dependable and clean option", even as he underlined need to ensure that all ingredients by which nuclear fuel is made do not fall in hands of terrorists.

Pakistan plans to produce 8,900 MW nuclear power by 2030

Chairman of the Pakistan Atomic Energy Commission (PAES) Dr Ansar Parvez said that nuclear power was set to become a major player in the country`s power sector.

Cost of nuclear power proving high, DAE in a fix

As the cost of electricity generation by nuclear power plants is turning out to be on the higher side, the Department of Atomic Energy is in a fix over how to bring down the cost.

Future generations` safety worries Michael Douglas

Actor Michael Douglas supports nuclear disarmament and urges countries with nuclear power to save the planet.

UN nuclear inspectors in Japan as China demands openness

Inspectors from the UN`s nuclear watchdog arrived in Tokyo on Wednesday to monitor marine pollution near Fukushima as China demanded Japan provide "accurate" information on how it is handling the crisis.