Indian-origin researcher in US unveils robot for port scan

A low-cost football-sized robot has been developed by an Indian-origin researcher at Massachusetts Institute of Technology in US to perform underwater ultrasound scan at ports to spot concealed contrabands.

Modi 'spoke like PM' on Indian Muslims, but should check right wing: CPI

Narendra Modi "spoke like a Prime Minister" when he said that Indian Muslims would live and die for the country, but he should check the Sangh Parivar from promoting communal polarisation to back his message of national unity, the CPI said on Monday.

Nuclear liability: Centre asks GIC to work on insurance plan for reactors

To sort out the liability issue plaguing Indian nuclear reactors, the Centre has asked General Insurance Company (GIC) to work on a model that could be applied to insure such facilities in the country.

Japan nuke watchdog gives green light for two reactors to restart

Japan's nuclear watchdog Wednesday (Sep 10) gave the green light for two reactors to restart, a year after the nation shut down its last unit, but the operator still has to persuade local communities they are safe.

Japanese regulator approves restart of first nuclear reactors

Japan`s nuclear regulator gave the go-ahead on Wednesday for the restart of a nuclear power station, the first step to reopening an industry that was mothballed after the Fukushima disaster and which may involve the definitive closure of a dozen old plants.

Japan to push for closure of ageing reactors

Japan will push nuclear operators to draft plans to scrap a quarter of the country`s 48 reactors, which are either too old or too costly to upgrade to meet new standards imposed after the Fukushima disaster, the Nikkei reported on Friday.

EDF says to re-start UK nuclear reactors by end-2014

 EDF Energy said on Thursday that four of its nuclear reactors, closed in northern England last month after the discovery of a crack, should resume operations by the end of the year.

Iran says expects deal soon on Russia building new nuclear reactors

Iran said on Tuesday it expected to sign a deal with Russia in late August on the building of two new 1,000-megawatt nuclear reactors in the Islamic Republic, potentially boosting its case that it is refining uranium for civilian energy, not atom bombs.

PM confident on deal over two new reactors in Kudankulam

Hinting at the clinching of a deal for setting up of two more reactors in the Kudankulam Nuclear Power Project during his visit, Prime Minister Manmohan Singh has expressed confidence that it would be "finalised shortly".

China defends its plans to build nuclear reactors in Pakistan

Amid concern in India and the US over a Chinese plan to build two 1000 MW nuclear reactors in Karachi, China on Wednesday defended its civilian nuclear cooperation with Pakistan, saying it was under "strict" international norms.

Fukushima’s radioactive underground water heads to sea

The contaminated water underneath Fukushima’s highly-affected nuclear power station that began leaking from the reactors after the 2011 earthquake and tsunami is slowly but steadily heading towards the sea.

China says all its 34 N-reactors are in safe condition

China today said all its 15 operational nuclear power reactors are safe and enhanced efforts are being made to ensure their safety.

India keen on thorium-based reactors

India is pursuing a research programme for developing thorium-based reactors for generation of power, parliament was informed Wednesday.

Abe hints at revoking ban on nuclear reactors

Japan’s incoming Prime Minister Shinzo Abe has repeated that he will consider revoking the ban on construction of new nuclear reactors after assuming duties this week.

Canada ready to sell nuclear reactors to India

Having said no for long, Canada has now expressed its desire to sell nuclear reactors to India.

`Risk of nuclear accident rises in Jaitapur`

The National Committee in Solidarity with Jaitapur Struggle, said it was not clear how the issues of spent fuel storage were being addressed.

India needs to wait for few decades to use thorium in reactor

Atomic Energy Commission on Wednesday said the country has to wait for a few more decades to use thorium as the base for nuclear reactors.

South Korea starts building two Nuclear reactors

South Korea started construction work on two nuclear reactors in what President Lee Myung-bak described as a "big milestone" in the country`s atomic industry.

Reactors at Kudankulam best in the world: Russia

Seeking to allay fears, Russia on Wednesday said the reactors at the Kudankulam nuclear plant are the "best" in the world.

Japan holds off on decision to restart reactors

Prime Minister Yoshihiko Noda will not make any immediate decision on a restart date, Trade Minister said.