China builds second aircraft carrier base

 China is building its second aircraft carrier base in Hainan island due to its strategic location and effectiveness to deploy guided missile nuclear submarines, a researcher said.

China to commission 3 nuclear submarines

 China would soon commission three indigenously-built advance nuclear-powered attack submarines having a vertical launcher capable of delivering its latest supersonic anti-ship missiles, state media reported on Friday.

Govt okays plan for building 6 N-submarines, 7 frigates

The government has cleared the indigenous construction of seven stealth frigates and six nuclear-powered submarines to bolster naval power.

India likely to lease second nuclear submarine from Russia

Faced with a depleting fleet of submarines, India is expected to acquire on lease a nuclear submarine from Russia, a deal for which may be finalised during Prime Minister Manmohan Singh`s visit there starting on Sunday.

Man charged with selling Chinese fake parts to US military

An American businessman has been charged with importing counterfeit semiconductors from China for sale in the US, some of which were intended to be used in military equipments like nuclear submarines.

Russia to salvage sunken N-submarines

The Russian defence ministry is planning to raise and scrap two sunken nuclear submarines.

Navy to operate 5 N-subs by end of decade

Indian Navy is all set to operate five nuclear submarines by the end of this decade, including two leased from Russia and three built indigenously.

‘Pak can neither afford nor plan to match Indian Navy’

India is scheduled to induct two nuclear submarines in the near future which will include its indigenous INS Arihant and the Russian-leased Akula class INS Chakra.

Russian Navy to induct 8 N-submarines by 2020

Russian Navy will receive at least 8 Graney class nuclear-powered attack submarines in next decade.

Russia to dismantle 191 nuclear submarines by 2010

Russia`s state-run civilian nuclear power corporation `Rosatom` will dismantle 191 out of 198 decommissioned nuclear submarines by 2010.