Nuclear waste-eating bacteria discovered
Nuclear waste-eating bacteria discovered

Tiny single-cell organisms discovered living underground could help dispose the hazardous nuclear waste, scientists say.

US to miss deadline for removing nuclear waste from Los Alamos

The US Department of Energy on Friday said it would be unable to meet a deadline to remove drums of nuclear waste from Los Alamos National Laboratory in New Mexico because of safety concerns tied to the radiological materials.

Team to probe event at US nuclear site

The US Department of Energy says it has appointed a team to investigate the detection of radiation in and near a southeastern New Mexico facility that`s the nation`s only underground nuclear waste repository.

Nuclear waste not to be dumped at Kolar gold mine: Govt to SC

With the people of Kolar in Karnataka vehemently protesting the government`s alleged plans to dump the nuclear waste in abandoned gold mine of the district, the Centre clarified before the SC that it has no such intentions.

India scouting for sites to store N-waste

In a first initiative of its kind, India has begun scouting for deep underground sites to
store the nuclear waste.

German protesters to block nuke waste transport

Activists in Germany say the waste containers, and the temporary storage facility, are not safe.

Nuclear waste shipment enters Germany

This is the first shipment of nuclear waste from France to Germany since Berlin decided to shut all its nuclear plants by 2022.

Japan seeks local disposal of radiation-hit waste

The Japanese government seeks to
dispose of waste contaminated with highly radioactive materials spewed from the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power.

Bugs generate power while cleaning nuclear waste

Researchers have figured out how a class of bugs can deliver double benefit -- generate power while cleaning up nuclear waste and other toxic metals.

Nuclear waste not an immediate problem for India: Ramesh

Amid concerns over waste management at the proposed nuclear power plant at Jaitapur in Maharashtra, Environment Minister Jairam Ramesh said it was not an immediate problem for India.

German nuclear waste shipment complete

Trucks carrying 123 tons of nuclear waste have finally reached a storage facility in northern Germany after police worked through the night to clear thousands of protesters blockading the roads.

German police remove nuclear waste train protesters

Activists blocked a train carrying nuclear waste from France to Germany.

Nuclear waste shipment faces German protests

A shipment of nuclear waste crossed France for a storage site in Germany.

Europe eyes underground nuclear waste repositories

Three European countries will within 15 years begin disposing of their nuclear waste deep underground, even though the public is not solidly behind the move, officials said.