US aims to keep Iran atomic talks separate from Islamic State conflict

U.S. officials hope to prevent two diplomatic challenges with Iran from colliding next week: the Iranian nuclear program and the threat posed by the Islamic State militant group.

John Kerry seeks to work magic at Iran nuclear talks

US Secretary of State John Kerry arrived in Vienna Sunday to face off with Iranian counterpart Mohammad Javad Zarif, seven days before a deadline to strike a historic but elusive-looking deal on Tehran`s suspect nuclear programme.

United States releases $450 mn in frozen Iran funds

The United States has authorized the release of a $450 million installment in Iranian assets that were frozen as punishment for Tehran`s disputed nuclear program, the State Department said Thursday.

Yashwant Sinha objects to PM`s proposed address at nuclear meet

BJP leader Yashwant Sinha on Sunday questioned Prime Minister Manmohan Singh for his decision to address an upcoming seminar on nuclear non-proliferation, claiming that he was now the head of a "lame duck" government who cannot make any policy decisions in view of the Model Code of Conduct which has come into force ahead of Lok Sabha polls.

Time to tackle more difficult issues with Iran: IAEA

After recent progress with Iran, it is time to tackle "more difficult" nuclear issues such as allegations of past weapons work, the head of the UN atomic watchdog said.

Russia may answer conventional attack with nukes

A Russian Cabinet member says Moscow has reserved the right to use nuclear weapons in response to a conventional strike.

Determined to prevent Iran from getting nuclear weapon: Obama

The US along with its ally Israel is determined to prevent Iran from obtaining a nuclear weapon, President Barack Obama has said, defending his nuclear diplomacy with Tehran.

Future generations` safety worries Michael Douglas

Actor Michael Douglas supports nuclear disarmament and urges countries with nuclear power to save the planet.

Pakistan ready to deliver nuclear weapons to Saudi Arabia?

Pakistan has reached a secret deal to provide Saudi Arabia with nuclear weapons if Iran, which the world powers suspect is working on a nuclear programme, develops a nuke bomb.

Iran `a year or more` from nuclear capability: Obama

Taking stock of US intelligence reports, President Barack Obama on Saturday said that Iran was "a year or more away" from building nuclear weapon.

Iran state TV lauds new president`s nuke stance

Iran`s president-elect believes it`s possible to strike a deal that would allow the country to keep enriching uranium while assuring the West it will not produce a nuclear weapon.

Nagasaki to slam govt for not backing statement against nuke weapon use

The Nagasaki city government will condemn the central government in its annual ceremony in August for not joining a group of countries endorsing a statement against the use of nuclear weapons, its draft message said on Saturday.

South Korea against re-deploying US tactical n-weapons

While reiterating Seoul`s commitment to a denuclearised Korean Peninsula, South Korean Prime Minister Chung Hong-won Thursday opposed idea of redeploying US tactical nuclear weapons in the country.

China provided nuclear weapons designs to Pakistan?

In the late 1970s, Central Intelligence Agency had information that China might have provided a fairly comprehensive package of proven nuclear weapons design information to Pakistan, a recently declassified document has revealed.

68-kg of nuclear weapon grade uranium removed from Czech: US

The US in cooperation with its international partners have successfully removed 68 kilograms of highly enriched uranium (HEU) - enough material for two nuclear weapons - from the Czech Republic, the White House announced.

US says it won`t accept N Korea as a nuclear state

The US will not accept North Korea as a nuclear power, the White House asserted as the Pentagon took steps along with its regional allies to thwart off any misadventure from Pyongyang.

Iran moving closer to possessing nuke weapon: John Kerry

US Secretary of State John Kerry has said that despite the continued diplomacy and tough sanctions being leveled against Iran, the country continues to get closer to possessing nuclear arms.

Indo-Pak the most dangerous place: Ex-US diplomat

The India-Pak region is the most dangerous place in the world, a former top US diplomat who served as the Secretary of State under the Regan administration has said.

US will prevent Iran from obtaining nuclear weapon: Kerry

Senator John Kerry has stressed that a helping hand as well as military strength should be the characteristic features of the US foreign policy.

`US planned to blow up Moon with nuclear bomb`

The US had planned to blow up the moon with a nuclear bomb in the 1950s.

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