Hollywood photo hacking scandal: Is it a sex crime?

Already hounded by paparazzi on their doorsteps, celebrities face a new battle to protect their privacy from hackers willing to splash their most intimate behind-closed-doors photos online.

Apple, FBI investigate massive celebrity photo `hack`

The FBI and Apple were urgently investigating Monday after an apparent massive hack of a cloud data service unleashed a torrent of intimate pictures of dozens of celebrities across the Internet.

Russian lawmaker criticised over nude photo

In the photo, Communist Artyom Samsonov covered his genitals with a diving mask.

Tunisia: 3 journalists arrested over nude photo

A daily printed a photograph of Sami Khedira with his hands covering the breasts of his otherwise naked German model girlfriend.

Veena Malik slams death threats from ‘stone age’ Pakistan

Veena Malik has hit out at the ‘stone age’ attitudes in her home country Pakistan over the death threats she received after she allegedly posed nude for the cover of FHM magazine.

12 things about Pak model Veena Malik caught in FHM ‘nude pose’ storm

Pakistani actress Veena Malik shocked her country after an alleged photo of her posing nude appeared on the cover of the Indian edition of FHM.

Liz Taylor’s only known nude photo released

Taylor’s only known nude photo has been released by a private collector.

Celeb nude photo blogger goes underground

The Parisian blogger, ‘DeepAtSea’, accused of publishing titillating photos of nude celebrities that he illegally obtained by ring of hackers, has shut down his site and deleted his social networking pages.

Ronaldo`s girlfriend Irina Shayk in nude photo row

Footballer Cristiano Ronaldo`s girlfriend Irina Shayk is upset with Spanish GQ after nude photos of her were published in the magazine.