Process to sort out outstanding issues relating to nuke pact to be taken forward: Japan

Japan on Wednesday assured India that the process of negotiations towards resolution of all outstanding issues in finalising the civil nuclear cooperation agreement will be taken forward and sought further broadening of economic ties between the two countries.

US-Russian `reset` in trouble as nuke pact stalls

Rumblings in Washington by the resurgent Republican Party against Senate ratification of the New START nuclear arms reduction treaty raise doubts about a fragile US-Russian rapprochement.

Sino-Pak nuke pact should not be viewed with double standards

With the US and India raising
concerns over the Sino-Pak nuclear agreement, a top Chinese
expert said "double standards" should not be applied to
the routine cooperation.

China will sign nuke pact with Pak, India told

China has made it clear to India
that its civil nuclear cooperation with Pakistan will be in
accordance with international obligations.

India, Japan to talk about nuke pact from Monday

In a major breakthrough
in its quest for nuclear technology, India will launch talks
with Japan from Monday to seal a civilian atomic cooperation

Russia to quit new nuke pact if strategic balance threatened

Russia on Tuesday warned the US that it
reserves the right to quit a new bilateral nuclear arms pact.