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Brazil disconnects nuclear power plant

One of Brazil's two nuclear reactors has been disconnected because of a flaw in a condenser that cools the steam used by the plant's electric power generator.

Rajasthan N-plant 7th unit construction begins

Concreting work for turbine building for the seventh unit at Rajasthan Atomic Power Station (RAPS) belonging to the Nuclear Power Corporation of India Ltd. (NPCIL), India`s atomic power plant operator, started Wednesday.

Japan drafts new nuke plant safety rules

The Nuclear Regulation Authority in Japan has presented a draft outline of new safety measures to prevent or minimize the consequences of severe atomic plant crises.

Haryana govt ignoring public opinion over nuke plant: INLD

Indian National Lok Dal accused the Haryana government of ignoring public opinion over the setting up of nuclear power plant.

Iran ready to help Turkey with nuke plant: Aide

An adviser to Iran`s Supreme Leader said on Tuesday that Tehran was willing to share its controversial nuclear technology with neighboring countries.

Media allowed into Japan`s tsunami-hit nuke plant

Media have been allowed into Japan`s tsunami-damaged nuclear power plant for the first time on Saturday after the disaster in March touched off the world`s worst nuclear crisis since Chernobyl.

Japan nuke plant radiation leak exceeds Hiroshima

The Nuclear and Industrial Safety Agency says the estimate released today was requested by a parliamentary panel.

Tainted water swells at Japan nuke plant

The operator of Fukushima nuclear plant is preparing to open a door
of a reactor building to allow workers to install a cooling.

Radiation spike halts work at Japan Nuke plant

A rise in radiation halted the clean-up of radioactive water at Japan`s Fukushima nuclear power station.

Japan nuke plant set to treat contaminated water

Three reactor cores melted after the March 11 tsunami knocked out power and destroyed critical cooling systems.

Japan orders shutdown of Hamaoka nuke plant

Japanese Prime Minister ordered the shutdown of an ageing nuclear plant due to safety concerns.

Japan mulls limited access to zone near nuke plant

Japan`s govt says authorities are considering restricting access to the evacuation zone around its crippled nuclear plant.

Japan orders compensation for nuke plant evacuees

Individuals forced to evacuate would get a compensation of about USD 9,000.

Japan nuke plant spews more radiation into sea

Radiation in seawater at the shoreline off Japan`s tsunami-ravaged nuclear power plant has measured several million times the legal limit over the past few days.

Japan battles nuclear, humanitarian crisis

The toll of dead and missing from Japan`s quake and tsunami topped 16,000.

Japan prepares to restart work at N-plant

Workers had been dousing the reactors with seawater in a frantic effort to stabilize temperatures.

IAEA to help Bangladesh build N-power plant

The International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) will extend all-out support to Bangladesh in setting up a nuclear power plant, visiting director general of the global nuclear watchdog Yukiya Anano said Monday.

Iran`s nuke plant to feed power grid in December

Iran`s state TV says Iran`s first
nuclear power plant in the southern Iranian port of Bushehr
will start feeding the country`s power grid late next month.

Iran begins fuelling its first nuclear reactor

Iran on Tuesday began fuelling the reactor core of its Russian-built nuclear power plant.

Suspicious package surfaces at Arizona Nuke Plant

A suspicious item, which was
found at the Palo Verde Nuclear Generating Station in Arizona
in the US was removed by a bomb squad.