Chinese military to curb vehicle misuse with new number plates

To curb the misuse of military vehicles and license plates, China`s People`s Liberation Army (PLA) and armed police forces will introduce new number plates marking their vehicles, a senior officer said on Friday.

Kashmir gets high security number plates

Jammu and Kashmir Monday began fixing tamper proof number plates on vehicles in line with an apex court order.

High-security number plates: SC issues notices to officials

The SC issued contempt notices to Delhi, Punjab & UP govts for their failure to implement its order on tamper-proof number plates and licenses for vehicles saying obedience of its direction is necessary for judicial integrity.

High-security number plates: SC issues notices to officials

The court was informed that the states of Sikkim, Meghalaya and Goa have fully implemented the scheme.

Acid thrown on Goa transport minister`s car

Even as the stir against the allegedly fraudulent implementation of high security number plates gathers steam in Goa, unknown people threw acid on the state transport minister`s official car Sunday damaging the number plate.

High security number plates not mandatory: Goa Govt

Goa government on Tuesday said the
installation of high security registration plates (HSRP) in
vehicles was voluntary, and not mandatory, following protests
from various quarters over the move.