US Senate panel votes to lift Cuba travel ban

A Republican-controlled Senate panel has voted to lift a decades-long US ban on travel to Cuba, giving a boost to President Barack Obama's moves to ease travel restrictions and open up relations with the Castro-governed nation.

Barack Obama's administration takes Iran nuclear deal fight public

US lawmakers skeptical about the nuclear deal with Iran promised to press senior Obama administration officials to make more information about it public at a Senate hearing on Thursday as Congress begins its two-month review of the agreement.

Obama administration criticizes Egypt in report to Congress

The Obama administration has sent Congress a report that harshly criticizes the Egyptian government of restricting free speech, arresting political dissidents and undermining democracy, but recommends the US continue sending it USD 1.3 billion in mostly military aid.

Data hacked from US government dates back to 1985: Official

Data stolen from U.S. government computers by suspected Chinese hackers included security clearance information and background checks dating back three decades, U.S. officials said on Friday, underlining the scope of one of the largest known cyber attacks on federal networks.

Obama administration asks U.S. top court to decline Google copyright appeal

The Obama administration on Tuesday sided against Google Inc and said the U.S. Supreme Court should not hear the company`s appeal in a case against Oracle Corp with wide implications for the technology industry, according to a court filing.

Push to write new war powers for Obama stalls in Congress

A move to write new war powers to authorize the Obama administration's 9-month-old battle against Islamic State militants has stalled in Congress and might even be dead.

US unveils 6-year-old report on NSA surveillance

The Obama administration today unveiled a 6-year-old report examining a once-secret programme to collect information on Americans' calls and emails, as debate gears up over the coming expiration of a Bush-era surveillance law.

US pushes to halt block on immigration measures

The US government Thursday asked an appeals court to lift an injunction preventing President Barack Obama`s immigration reforms from going forward.

Raj Shah performed admirably at USAID: White House

The US has hailed highest ranking Indian American in the Obama Administration, Raj Shah - who quit recently as Administrator of the country's global development agency - for his admirable work in the face of adversity.

Relationship with India and Pakistan stand on their own: US

The relationship of US with India and Pakistan "stand on their own" and are not linked to each other, the Obama Administration has said stating that its relationship with the two South Asian neighbors remain strong.

US to loosen restrictions on Cuba

The Obama administration said Thursday that it will loosen trade, finance, and travel embargo against Cuba.

US welcomes release of 53 political prisoners in Cuba

The US on Tuesday welcomed the release of 53 political prisoners in the past 48 hours in Cuba as part of moves to normalise ties between the two countries.

Raj Shah announces to leave the Obama Administration

The highest ranking Indian- American in the Obama Administration, Raj Shah on Wednesday announced to step down as Administrator of USAID in mid-February next year after receiving high-praise from the President.

US Ebola ''czar'' to start work; military team begins training

The new US Ebola "czar" starts work on Wednesday and a military medical team begins training as the Obama administration ramps up its response to the potential spread of the virus in the United States.

Red carpet welcome awaits PM Narendra Modi in US

The Obama Administration is leaving no stone unturned to woo Prime Minister Narendra Modi during his maiden visit to the US which is expected to take the strategic bilateral relationship to the next level and unleash the potential of economic and trade ties.

Cyber threats among greatest national security dangers: US
Cyber threats among greatest national security dangers: US

Terming Cyber threats as one of the greatest national security dangers, the US has said Obama administration has significantly enhanced government's capabilities to address this challenge.

US not looking for permanent military presence in Africa

The US does not intend to have a permanent military presence in Africa to resolve the continent`s conflicts, but is committed to help its partners confront transnational threats, a top Obama administration official has said.

US negotiator gives no hard deadline for Iran deal

Obama administration`s chief nuclear negotiator refused on Tuesday to provide a hard deadline for a deal with Iran to prevent it from developing nuclear weapons.

Iraq recalls envoy to Jordan after opposition meets in Amman

Baghdad today said that it had recalled its ambassador to Jordan, two days after Sunni Iraqi leaders meeting in Amman described a jihadist-led insurgency sweeping parts of Iraq as a "popular revolt".

Opportunity to reframe ties with Pakistan post 2014: Dunford

As America`s dependence on the crucial line of communication passing through Pakistan decreases post 2014, a US General based in Afghanistan has has said this could give the United States an opportunity to reframe relationship with Islamabad.