Company blamed for West Virginia spill seeks bankruptcy

The company blamed for a chemical spill that left 300,000 West Virginians without safe drinking water has filed for bankruptcy.

China holds drill to test response to oil spill

China held its first national oil spill drill near the southern coast Monday to test how prepared the country was in the event of a severe marine pollution incident.

Half million litres of oil spill in Manila Bay

Half a million litres of diesel leaked into Manila Bay, the busiest waterway in Northern Philippines, raising environmental and health concerns, the media reported Friday.

Forty vessels stranded off Indian coast: Natarajan

About 40 vessels are apparently stranded off Indian coasts, Environment Minister Jayanthi Natarajan said here on Thursday.

Merchant vessel splits into two off Mumbai coast; crew rescued

A Singapore-bound merchant vessel from Jeddah split into two around 840 nautical miles off the coast in Mumbai.

Oil spill off Mumbai coast, Qatar-based co be made party: NGT

The National Green Tribunal has directed a Qatar-based shipping enterprise to be made a party in the case of oil spill caused after a cargo vessel sank off coast of Mumbai in 2011.

Half the world`s oil spills happen in Russia: Greenpeace

More than 20,000 oil spills, or half the world`s annual total, take place in Russia, a senior official of the country`s branch of Greenpeace has said.

Oil spill in 100 acres farmland after pipeline crack

A pipeline carrying crude oil for refining developed cracks and spilt oil in about 100 acres of farmland in a village in the district.

Bugs ate 200,000 tonnes of oil spill: Study

Hydrocarbon-eating bugs in the Gulf of Mexico cleared over a period of five months at least 200,000 tonnes of oil and natural gas that had spewed into the water body from a ruptured 2010 deepwater well, say US researchers.

Mexican firm ordered to clean up oil spill

Mexican environmental authorities are demanding that state oil company Petroleos Mexicanos clean up a crude spill that occurred when a loading buoy sank nearly two weeks ago and polluted six beaches.

SC gives green signal for beaching of US ship

SC said "we direct the concerned authorities to allow the ship in question to beach and permit the ship owner to proceed with the dismantling of the ship".

Conservation groups sue US govt over Arctic spill plans

A coalition of conservation groups sued the US government today over its approval of oil spill response plans for an Arctic Ocean drilling program.

Oil spill off Mumbai coast: Green Tribunal seeks MoEF`s reply

MV Rak had sank 20 nautical miles off the South Mumbai coast in the Arabian Sea on August 4, 2011.

Oil spill harms marine life, but recovery possible

Salt marshes are commonly disturbed by natural events and, as a result, they may be able to also recover from oil spills if the oil disturbance is not too large.

Cargo ship sinks off China coast; eight killed

A cargo ship sank off China`s
south-eastern coast.

Grounded cargo ship breaks apart on NZ reef

The wreck of the Greek-owned Rena was described as New Zealand`s worst maritime environmental disaster.

Nigeria`s oil region hit by fresh spill

The clean-up would require USD 1 billion and take thirty years to undertake.

Reduction in rate of MV Rak oil spill: Coast Guard

Coast Guard ships Samudra Prahari, Varuna and Kamala Devi
are combating the oil spill from MV Rak Carrier, the Coast Guard said.

Coast Guard to fix oil leakage from MV Rak today

Diving operation to identify and plug the oil leak from the sunk cargo vessel MV Rak are expected to begin Thursday.

Mumbai: Oil spill from sunken ship decreases

The oil spill from cargo vessel MV
Rak off the Mumbai coast has decreased in quantum as compared
to Sunday even as the authorities continued their efforts
to neutralise resultant environmental pollution.