Saudi to maintain oil supply if US draws stocks

Saudi Arabia has repeatedly said it is meeting customer needs and that it is ready to meet any extra requirements.

Oil discovered in Kenya for first time

President Mwai Kibaki said that oil was discovered in the
country`s northwest over the weekend.

Iran sets conditions for oil to European nations

Tehran said Monday it was considering extending the oil
embargo to other European countries.

Iran threatens to cut oil to more EU nations

Iran exports about 20 per cent of its crude to the European Union, most
of which goes to Italy, Spain and Greece.

Saudi Arabia doubts Iran oil blockade claim

Saudi Arabia made clear it was ready to pump more oil after sanctions threatened to cut Iranian sales of crude.

Iran warns Gulf Arabs on oil

World oil markets have been jolted over concerns that
Iran may choke off the vital Strait of Hormuz in retaliation.

‘Iran could close Hormuz -- but not for long’

Tehran could close the entrance to the Gulf if Western states impose sanctions that paralyze their oil exports.

No oil through strait if sanctions applied: Iran

The threat was reported as
Iran conducted navy wargames near the Strait of Hormuz.

WWII ship sunk off US coast to be searched for oil

A Japanese submarine shot a torpedo at an American oil tanker, sinking it and sending 3 mn gallons of oil to sea bottom.

Syrian forces raid towns, EU may embargo oil

The Arab League said it would hold an urgent meeting on Saturday to discuss Syria.

Fish oil may help curb binge drinking

Fish oil has been hailed as wonder treatment for diseases like autism and dementia.

Libyan rebels to resume oil exports through tanker

Oil exports can provide the rebels crucial funding amid escalating violence.

Cairn to start drilling for oil in Sri Lanka in July

Cairn India, a unit of British
exploration firm Cairn Energy plc, said today it plans to
drill for oil and natural gas deposits off Sri Lanka`s
northwestern coast in July.

Somali pirates capture supertanker, $150 mn of oil

The tanker was sailing from the Persian Gulf to the Gulf of Mexico.

Oil and sand mafia are ruling Maharashtra: Munde

Oil and sand Mafia have spread their
tentacles all over Maharashtra and government officers are not
secure, senior BJP leader Gopinath Munde said here on Thursday.

About 30,000 barrels of oil spilled in Mumbai harbour: ICG

The rupture in ONGC`s Mumbai-Uran
pipeline resulted in about 30,000 barrels of crude leaking
into the ocean, an Indian Coast Guard (ICG) official said

Chavez spurred Morales to seize oil: WikiLeaks

Chavez was seen as key instigator of nationalisation of Bolivia`s energy sector.

Russia-China oil pipeline becomes operational

The 1000-km-long pipeline which will supply 15 million tonnes of crude oil to China.

Dhaka looks to Moscow for oil, gas exploration

Bangladesh has offered Russian energy corporation Gazprom joint venture projects in oil and gas sector after lukewarm response to its bids from the western multi-national corporations.

Gulf oil disaster toll: 6,000 birds, 600 turtles

US officials said preliminary information showed the disaster may have killed up to 6,104 birds & 609 turtles.