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2016 Rio Olympics to have double security personnel of London games

2016 Rio Olympics to have double security personnel of London games

Rio de Janeiro will deploy double the number of security personnel for next year`s Olympic Games than were used in the 2012 London games, officials said Thursday.

1,200 British soldiers put on standby for Olympics

An additional 1,200 soldiers have been put on standby to guard the London Olympics, bringing the total number of military personnel involved in the games to 17,000, a media report said on Friday.

Olympics: Cameron to travel by public transport

In a directive that has not gone down too well with his ministers, Cameron has banned them from using their cars and from using the special Olympics lanes dedicated to transporting athletes and officials.

London Games organisers insist early woes minor

Organisers said some of the complaints were exaggerated and tried to put the best face on the unfolding security debacle, as well as other concerns about the games, which start in 10 days.

U.S. security agents to guard UK airports during Olympics

These agents will arrive a week before the Olympics, and leave around a week after the end of the Paralympics.

Olympics security ‘not compromised’ by staff shortfall fiasco, avers Coe

Security for the Olympics has not been compromised even after the failure of private security firm, G4S, to recruit enough security staff, London 2012 chairman Lord Coe has said.

No compromise on Olympics security: UK

The top British minister overseeing London Olympics on Sunday defended the government over Olympics security.

RAF jets, snipers ready to use ‘lethal force’ to guard Olympics

A leading RAF officer has warned that pilots who break no-fly rules over London during the Olympics risk being shot down in a show of “lethal force”.

LOCOG may ask for more troops to address ‘shambolic’ security

There have been reports that 1000 extra police officers will be drafted in to patrol Olympic venues.

G4S warns of 50-50 chance of bomb being carried into Olympic venues

An employee for private security firm G4S, contracted to provide security during Games, has warned that there is a 50-50 chance someone could carry a bomb into one of the Olympic venues.

Judge rejects bid to stop Olympic rooftop missiles

A High Court judge rejected that argument, quashing a challenge by locals. Judge Charles Haddon-Cave said the missiles presented "no real threat" to residents and were an important part of Olympic security.

UK Government gives ‘go-ahead’ to deploy Olympics air defence systems

The UK Government has confirmed that surface-to-air defence systems will be deployed at six sites in and around London during the 2012 Olympic Games.