Harry Styles gets cosy with Brazilian pop star

One Direction star Harry Styles has been snapped getting close to Brazilian pop star Anitta.

Mark Wahlberg jealous of daughter`s love for Harry Styles

Actor Mark Wahlberg, whose two daughters love One Direction band and particularly singer Harry Styles, joked that Harry`s "going to get it" when they meet.

1D`s Niall Horan set to undergo knee surgery

Niall Horan is set to undergo knee surgery in the U.S. this week.

Harry Styles, Kendall Jenner talk 30 times a day?

Reality TV star Kendall Jenner and her rumoured boyfriend Harry Styles reportedly speak with each other, 30 times a day.

Harry Styles, Kendall Jenner go to gay bay?

One Direction singer Harry Styles and socialite Kendall Jenner reportedly went to a gay bar on the same day they were apparently seen leaving a hotel together.

Will Ferrell compares himself with One Direction

Actor Will Ferrel says he his popularity among youngsters makes him believe that he is the older version of the very popular One Direction band.

Niall Horan dating Louise Thompson?

One Direction band member Niall Horan is reportedly dating actress Louise Thompson and both of them are seeing each other a lot.

We are not in the same league as The Beatles: Harry Styles

One Direction star Harry Styles has brushed off comparisons of his band to The Beatles, insisting they would be "total fools" to think they are in the same league as the music legends.

Liam Payne calls Niall Horan big flirt

Singer Liam Payne says that his One Direction band member Niall Horan is the biggest flirt in the group.

One Direction may split in future, says Cowell

Music mogul Simon Cowell feels that members of One Direction band might eventually part ways and follow independent careers.

Justin Bieber praises One Direction`s `Diana`

Singer Justin Bieber took to Twitter to appreciate One Direction band’s song “Diana” from their new album ‘Midnight Memories’, which was recently leaked online.

Ellie Goulding loves being single

Singer Ellie Goulding says she is happy being single as not having a boyfriend has taught her to focus on herself.

I`d like a nice girl to date: Harry Styles

One Direction star Harry Styles, who dated many women in the past, wants to be in a relationship with a "nice" girl.

Yoga over ballet for Harry Styles

One Direction band member Harry Styles is in no mood to learn ballet. He prefers yoga to combat his back injury instead.

Fame harder for Zayn Malik: Perrie Edwards

Singer Perrie Edwards says fame is harder for her fiance, singer Zayn Malik, but she doesn`t let it stop them doing what they want.

Harry Styles turned down by TV presenter

Singer Harry Styles, known for showing interest in elder women, had no luck with television presenter Samantha Armytage.

Being single `magical adventure`, says Taylor Swift

Taylor Swift, who has recently split from One Direction band member Harry Styles, is enjoying being single.

Louis Tomlinson`s mother checks his email

One Direction star Louis Tomlinson has revealed that he lets his mother check his emails so that she can keep up with everything that is happening in his life.

One Direction`s Harry Styles wants to be a space traveler

Singer Harry Styles is reportedly keen to travel to space in businessman Richard Brandson`s Virgin Galactic next year.

One Direction`s Louis Tomlinson slips on stage

One Direction star Louis Tomlinson took a tumble when he was performing on stage recently.