Telangana House: Jana Reddy, D Srinivas elected as Opposition leaders

Veteran legislator K Jana Reddy has been unanimously elected leader of the Congress party in Telangana Legislative Assembly.

Iran asked to end ‘arbitrary’ house arrest of opposition leaders

Six leading human rights organisations have called for the release from house arrest of Iran`s two top opposition leaders.

Opposition leaders snub Kejriwal

Opposition leaders snapped at Arvind Kejriwal after he pressed them to make public their opinion on some of the key issues pertaining to Lokpal Bill.

Opposition leaders to tour Maharashtra for show of might

Top leaders of the opposition Shiv Sena, Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) and Republican Party of India (RPI) will go on a statewide tour from Friday to prepare party workers.

Bahrain cracks down on protests; UN rights watchdog slams govt

Bahrain`s crackdown on protests by the Shi`ites has drawn rare US criticism.

Enraged Iranian MPs call for death to opposition leaders

MPs said that the West had
orchestrated protests using opposition leaders.

Tehran warns opposition leaders will stand trial

Tehran`s chief prosecutor has described opposition leaders as criminals.

Myanmar`s Suu Kyi meets breakaway opposition leaders

The NDF was formed by members of Suu Kyi`s National League for Democracy.

Iran Opp leaders barred from travel abroad

Iran`s Opposition leaders are barred from leaving the country.

Belarusian opposition leaders arrested after riots in capital

Protesters demonstrated against re-election of President Lukashenko in polls.

Kyrgyz opposition leaders arrested: Prosecutor

Three opposition
leaders in Kyrgyzstan have been arrested and charged with
"serious crimes", the country`s prosecutor general said on Wednesday,
amid mass protests in the capital Bishkek.

Prosecute opposition leaders: Iranian President

Iran`s President on Friday called for the prosecution of opposition leaders over the post-election turmoil, saying that senior activists currently on trial should not be the only ones punished.

Iran cleric calls for arrest of opposition leaders

An Iranian cleric has called for arrest of opposition leaders, accusing them of seeking to topple Islamic Republic after the disputed re-poll of Prez Ahmadinejad.