Oral cancer virus spreads via oral, genital route

Transmission of human papillomavirus (HPV) occurs via oral-oral and oral-genital routes, says new research.

Ayurvedic mouthwash to reduce pain in oral cancer

A mouthwash made from herbal concoction, prescribed in ayurveda, helps in reducing the intensity of pain in patients undergoing radiation therapy for oral cancer.

Oral cancer claims one life every six hours in India

One person dies every six hours due to oral cancer in the country, signalling an alarming rise in the incidence of the disease, according to a top orthodontist.

Mice study helps calculate aggressiveness of human oral cancer

Researchers can now foresee the aggressiveness of cancer tumors in people, thanks to a study which was being done on mouth cancer in mice.

New line of treatment for cancer - Intensity Modulated Radiotherapy

Radiotherapy is the treatment of cancers using X rays or other forms of electromagnetic rays that have the ability to destroy tissue by damaging the DNA of cells.

10 lifestyle tips to prevent oral cancer

Oral cancer in India continues to be a grievous affliction affecting people from all walks of life, age groups and genders.

Over 1 million Indians die from tobacco annually: Report

Tobacco use continues to take a toll on the lives of Indians as more than one millions people in the country die prematurely every year due to tobacco-related diseases, according to the World Lung Foundation report.

Cancer incidence likely to rise five-fold in India by 2025: Experts

With a million new cases being reported every year, cancer seems to be tightening its grip on India. Experts say the incidence of the killer disease is expected to rise five-fold by 2025.

Smoking long or ultralong cigarettes riskier than normal sized ones

Smoking long or ultralong cigarettes can cause greater risk of lung and oral cancer than regular and king-size cigarettes, a new study has revealed.

Unhygienic oral sex blamed by doctors for rising oral cancer

With an alarming rise in the number of oral cancer cases among males in the city, doctors and scientists suspect that Human Papiloma Virus transmitted during unhygienic oral sex is the main culprit.

India, SE-Asia nations have 90 pc smokeless tobacco users

Almost 250 million adults consume smokeless tobacco in India and 10 other countries in WHO`s South-East Asia Region, accounting for 90 per cent global smokeless tobacco users, according to WHO.

Berries may help prevent oral cancer

Research has suggested that compounds that give colourful fruits their rich hues, especially berries, promote health and might even prevent cancer.

Eating oily fish can prevent oral and skin cancers

Omega-3 fatty acids, contained in oily fish such as salmon and trout, selectively inhibit growth and induce cell death in early and late-stage oral and skin cancers, a new study suggests.

Smokers and single men more likely to acquire oral cancer

A new study suggests that smokers and single men are more likely to acquire cancer-causing oral human papillomavirus (HPV).

People with oral cancers need not change sexual practices

Spouses and long-term partners of patients with mouth and throat cancers related to infection with the human papilloma virus (HPV) appear to have no increased prevalence of oral HPV infections, a new study has found.

Anti-cancer drive launched in West Bengal

To prevent the rising incidences of oral cancer among the youth of West Bengal, an anti-smoking campaign was launched here on the occasion of World No Tobacco Day Friday.

Non-invasive technique to detect oral cancer developed

Scientists have come up with a non-invasive and more effective way to detect oral cancer, says a study.

Smoking immediately upon waking can up lung and oral cancer risk

Smoking a cigarette upon waking in the morning will more likely lead to lung or oral cancer, a new study has revealed.

`India needs surgeons to tackle oral cancer`

With only around 3,000 maxillofacial surgeons in India and rising incidence of oral cancer, there is need for more such medical specialists both in urban and rural areas, experts said Wednesday.

India has 86% of global oral cancer cases

India continues to report the highest prevalence of oral cancers globally with 75,000 to 80,000 new cases of such cancers reported every year.