Dental health - Oral myths debunked

Eating fruit before you go to bed cleans your teeth and all mouthwashes do the same job are some of the myths related to dental health, but experts rule them out as lack of knowledge.

Tongue speaks volumes about hygiene, health

It wasn`t long ago that singer Cher advised pop sensation Miley Cyrus not to stick her tongue out if it`s coated, which is certainly not visually appealing. Experts say the tongue`s condition speaks volume about one`s hygiene consciousness and also reveals one`s health status.

Oral hygiene: 5 home remedies to cure toothache

Do you feel miserable when you bite into your favourite ice cream and you get a toothache? Toothache is one of the most common problems that is faced by anyone and the worst part is that it attacks without warning.

Avoid bad breath with these five foods

Except some people who have medical conditions like dry mouth, oral infections or halitosis caused by diseases like cancer, most of us can avoid bad breath with proper oral hygiene.

Germs in gums can reveal ethnicity: Study

The bacteria in the human mouth - particularly those nestled under the gums - are as powerful as a fingerprint at identifying a person`s ethnicity, a research has found.

Oral hygiene: 5 easy tips for those ‘snow white’ teeth!

Dental health is a sign of overall health. A sparkling white smile and uniformly spaced set of teeth makes a person seem certainly more attractive. Maintaining good oral hygiene not just adds to your looks but is also important for a healthier you. Just by following some simple daily habits, one can achieve healthy and strong teeth.

No need to toss your toothbrush after sorethroat

You might not need to throw out your tooth brush after recovering from a sore throat after all, according to a new study.

`Ignorance takes toll on oral health`

Experts say that ignorance is a huge cause for the wide prevalence of practices that are detrimental to oral health in India.

Good dental hygiene lowers risk of dementia

Brushing teeth and maintaining oral hygiene could help women keep their memory sharp and stave off dementia, a new study has claimed.

Poor oral hygiene linked to cancer deaths

Poor oral hygiene seems to elevate the risk of death from cancer, because too much of dental plaque has been linked to premature cancer death by Swedish researchers.

New ultrasound toothbrush `may revolutionise oral hygiene`

A US based company has developed a new technology that will change the way we brush our teeth.