India to launch heavy satellite by December next year
India to launch heavy satellite by December next year

With the successful testing of indigenous cryogenic engine, India has attained the capability of putting heavy satellites in orbit and the first one is expected to be launched by December next year, government told the Lok Sabha on Wednesday.

China to launch 40 spacecraft this year

China will launch more than 40 spacecraft, majority of them communication satellites, into orbit this year.

Scientists discover 9 new dwarf galaxies orbiting Milky Way
Scientists discover 9 new dwarf galaxies orbiting Milky Way

Scientists have identified nine new dwarf galaxies, which is the largest number ever found at once, in orbit around the Milky Way.

China launches remote-sensing satellite

China Saturday sent a remote-sensing satellite into the orbit.

`One-of-a-kind` meteorite unveils violent past of Earth`s solar system

A volcanic meteorite recovered in Western Australia has helped researchers uncover the fierce past Earth`s solar system.

ESA`s Rosetta measures its comet`s temperature for 1st time

ESA`s Rosetta spacecraft has recently measured the temperature of its target comet for the first time.

Beanstalk-like `space elevators` come closer to reality

Researchers suggest that a space elevator consisting of an Earth-anchored tether that extends 62,000 miles into space could eventually provide routine, safe, inexpensive and quiet access to orbit.

Russian Soyuz rocket successfully puts satellite into orbit

The Russian Soyuz rocket, successfully placed a scientific earth-monitoring satellite into orbit on Sunday. There were several delays earlier this week due to an accident during testing which caused engine damage.

Stars move in peanut-shell shaped orbits at center of galaxy

A new study suggests that the stars probably move in peanut-shell or figure of eight-shaped orbits instead.

Iran to send satellite into orbit

Iran plans to send its indigenously-designed satellite Sharifsat into orbit in the near future, a media report said Tuesday.

Indian satellite`s orbit to be raised Tuesday night

Indian space agency ISRO will around midnight Tuesday carry out activities to raise the orbit of its first navigation satellite, Indian Regional Navigation Satellite-1A (IRNSS-1A).

Penny-sized thrusters developed to propel nanosats

Scientists have developed a penny-sized rocket thruster that could soon power the movement of tiny satellites or nanosats in orbit.

`Big` Earth plays tug-of-war with Neptune-sized planet around same star

Researchers have discovered a bigger version of Earth locked in an orbital tug-of-war with a much larger, Neptune-sized planet.

Rare `Transit of Venus` on June 5-6

People in most of Hawaii, Alaska, Australia, the western Pacific, and eastern Asia will be able to see the planet Venus cross in front of the Sun on 5th June.

Biggest full moon of 2012 due to arrive on Saturday

The moon is set to get a lot bigger and brighter than average this weekend as it officially becomes full on Saturday (May 5) at 11:35 p.m. EDT.

Iran to launch new generation of satellites

Iran is planning to send a new generation of satellites into orbit to mark the 33rd anniversary of the Islamic republic`s establishment.

Iran launches small satellite into orbit

Iran successfully launched a new small satellite into orbit.

Iran reports launch of small satellite into orbit

Iran successfully launched a new small satellite into orbit early Friday, state media reported, the latest in the country`s ambitious space program that has raised concerns because if its possible military applications.

Russia launches space freighter to ISS

A Russian Soyuz-U rocket carrying the Progress M-14M cargo spacecraft was launched just after midnight Wednesday for the International Space Station (ISS) now in orbit.

Sun helping to ‘scrub’ space trash from orbit

A report released by the NASA suggested that solar activity might be able to help alleviate the space debris issue.