Designer organs come closer to reality

In a new surgical experiment, researchers had transplanted growing human intestinal 'organoids' into mice that could be useful one day for designing and producing organ parts for repairing diseased tissues using a patient's own skin cells.

Two men undergo swap kidney transplant

Two men suffering from chronic kidney disease successfully underwent a swap kidney transplant after their wives donated their kidneys to each other's husband at a hospital in Delhi.

Network for organ, tissue transplants to be expanded

The government will expand the network for procuring and distributing organs and tissues for transplant being carried out at the National Organ and Tissue Transplant Organisation (NOTTO), Health Minister Harsh Vardhan said Monday.

`India emerging as liver transplant hub`

India is emerging as a global hub for liver transplant with expanded medical facilities, an expert said here Friday.

Maths to rescue patients with organ transplant

Those who hate maths should know this -- a mathematical model is here to improve the success rate of organ transplants.

Now, 3D printer to create organs at the touch of a button

Scientists have created a 3D printing device that could soon be used to make tailor-made transplant organs at the click of a button.

New approach for organ regeneration, tissue repair identified

Researchers including an Indian origin have identified an entirely new approach to enhance normal tissue growth.

Soon, implantable sensor can detect early stages of organ transplant rejection

The Ohio State University is working on a new technology, which will pave the way for low-cost electronic devices that work in direct contact with living tissue inside the body.

`Artificial livers for transplantation` a step closer to reality

An Indian origin scientist and her team have made a breakthrough that could lead to development of artificial livers for transplantation.

Discarded kidneys could be `recycled` to produce replacement organs

Researchers have found that human kidneys discarded for transplant can potentially serve as a natural "scaffolding material" for manufacturing replacement organs in the lab.

Health Ministry to finalise cadaver transplant guidelines soon

To improve the rate of cadaver transplants, the government is in the process of finalising the first ever national guidelines on the subject.

National agency on organ transplant ready

The government would soon come up with a central coordinating agency on organ transplants, the ministry of health Friday said.

Dec 16 gang-rape victim did not die here: Doctors tell court

The doctors, who were part of the medical team attending to the December 16 gang-rape victim, told a fast-track court here on Friday that the girl was shifted to the Singapore Hospital to provide her with best possible treatment.

Lack of donors leads to `kidney rackets` in India

Medical professionals say it is the lack of availability of organs that leads to people resorting to illegal means in order to save the lives of their near and dear ones.

Organ transplant can be free of immunosuppressants: Research

T-regs are a variety of cells that display regulatory function in vitro and in vivo.

Maha govt makes certification of brain death mandatory

Maharashtra government has made it mandatory to declare `brain death` and certify it accordingly.

`Cyborg` tissues take science of organ transplant to a whole new level

A multi-institutional research team has developed a method to grow artificial tissues with embedded nanoscale sensors.

China: 137 arrested for human organ trafficking

Statistics from the Ministry of Health show that about 1.5 million Chinese need organ transplants.

Kidney `living donations` favour some patient groups

The kidney is one of the few organs a person can give away, yet still lead a healthy life afterwards with one remaining kidney.

We could `grow our own organs` to order in future: Surgeons

A leading transplant surgeon has raised hopes that patients might one day be able to grow their own organs to replace diseased or damaged body parts.