Now have 'aquagasm' with new 'shower' sex toy

Now you make your mornings pleasurable with new shower sex toys, which would give an 'aquagasm' while you are taking bath.

Men enjoy foreplay more than women

A new study suggests that men enjoy foreplay more than women and would like the build-up to sex to last longer than their lovers.

An apple a day boosts sexual pleasure in women: Study

An apple a day not only keeps the doctor away but also boosts sexual pleasure among women.

Women who exercise enjoy super sex: Study

Are you a regular gym-goer or hit the jogging track daily? Keep it up as women who frequently exercise become aroused more quickly and are able to orgasm faster and more intensely, a fascinating research reveals.

Now, device that could give women ultimate orgasm at the push of a button

Researchers have devised a machine that can help women achieve "emphatic" orgasms at the push of a button.

Blame `C` spot, not size, for no orgasm

Sometimes, size doesn`t matter when it comes to making love and having an orgasm!

Kris Jenner, Khloe Kardashian admit to faking orgasms and joining the mile-high club

Kris Jenner got candid about orgasms and her sexual experiences in front of her daughter Khloe, on her chat show, Kris.

Neurological condition left woman with 5 to 6 foot orgasms per day

The unique neurological condition of a woman from the Netherlands takes foot fetish to a whole new level.

Russell Brand had nine orgasms in one night

Russell Brand has revealed that he once had nine orgasms in one night.

Beware! Using Viagra for fun may develop ED

Using Viagra can make erections without medication difficult.

Why do men fall asleep after sexual intercourse?

It’s a problem that leaves many women frustrated, but scientists have given men an excuse for sleeping immediately after sex.

Women officially most noisy both during tennis and sex

It’s not just on the tennis courts that women are louder than men, they are also far noisier in the bedroom, a new survey has revealed.

New cases of `orgasm headaches` shed light on mysterious phenomenon

Doctors hope that new cases of intense headaches during sex may help uncover its cause.

Oral sex can result in mouth cancer

The condition is often linked to smoking and excessive drinking.

Anatomic existence of elusive G-spot confirmed

A gynaecologist has claimed that he has located G-spot.

Exercise can also trigger female `coregasms`

Something as unconnected with bedroom as biking, spinning, abdominal exercises or rope climbing could also trigger climaxes.

Viagra in condom promises the lift

A patented gel in a new condom promises to boost lovemaking.

Men aren’t intimidated by vibrators

Women who take a positive view of their vibrator use may get a boost to their sex lives.

Having sex is the best way to feel good

Making love boosts happiness more than anything else.

Men `don`t think about sex every seven seconds`

In contrast, women only think about sex 10 times a day.