Orlando Bloom might rejoin 'Pirates of the Caribbean' series
Orlando Bloom might rejoin 'Pirates of the Caribbean' series

Actor Orlando Bloom has said he is in talks to star in next instalment of 'Pirates of the Caribbean' series.

Miranda Kerr says she is single

Miranda Kerr`s name has been dragged into two fights but the supermodel has rubbished reports that she is dating James Packer or had anything to do in the altercation that he had with David Gyngell.

Orlando Bloom spotted getting cozy with Swedish model post Justin Bieber feud

Orlando Bloom was recently seen getting cozy with Swedish model Lykke Glommen post his feud with Justin Bieber in Ibiza.

Orlando Bloom not upset with Justin Bieber?

Actor Orlando Bloom has reportedly put his spat with singer Justin Bieber behind him.

Justin Bieber`s claim of Miranda Kerr wanting to `make him a man` resurfaces

Justin Bieber`s earlier claim that Miranda Kerr vowed to "make him a man" has re-emerged recently after the `Bieber-Bloom` fight.

Miranda Kerr embarrassed with Orlando-Bieber row?

Supermodel Miranda Kerr is reportedly embarrassed with the alleged fight between her ex-husband Orlando Bloom and singer Justin Bieber.

Orlando Bloom makes out with Nina Dobrev at Comic-Con Party

Orlando Bloom and Nina Dobrev kissed at Comic-Con party where Dobrev sunk her teeth into the actor, according to reports.

Fans consider me `hero` post brawl with Justin Bieber, says Orlando Bloom

Orlando Bloom says that people have been praising and calling him "hero" for getting into a brawl with Justin Bieber.

Selena Gomez had `nothing to do with Bieber-Bloom fight`

Selena Gomez has reportedly denied the rumours about her growing closer to Orlando Bloom and that being the reason behind Bieber-Bloom`s recent fight.

Cody Simpson defends Bieber over his fight with Orlando Bloom

Pop singer Cody Simpson has shown support for Justin Bieber after the `Believe` star was allegedly punched by Orlando Bloom.

Orlando Bloom throws punch at Justin Bieber

Orlando Bloom got into a brawl with pop star Justin Bieber in Ibiza.

I am not Buddhist: Miranda Kerr

Supermodel Miranda Kerr has shot down the rumours of being a Buddhist.

Ed Sheeran wants Taylor Swift to date Orlando Bloom

Singer-songwriter Ed Sheeran wants his good friend Taylor Swift to hook up with newly single actor Orlando Bloom.

Selena Gomez using Orlando Bloom?

Singer Selena Gomez is reportedly using actor Orlando Bloom to get back at her ex-lover Justin Bieber.

Miranda Kerr, Orlando Bloom friends forever

Supermodel Miranda Kerr says that she talks to her former husband and actor Orlando Bloom every day and that they still have a good platonic relationship.

Selena Gomez spotted with Orlando Bloom in LA

Songstress Selena Gomez and Orlando Bloom were spotted enjoying some time together at Chelsea Handler`s concert here last weekend.

Aniston trying to set up Paltrow with Bloom?

Actress Jennifer Aniston is reportedly keen to set up Gwyneth Paltrow on a date with actor Orlando Bloom.

Miranda Kerr calls Orlando Bloom `a wonderful dad`

Miranda Kerr recently opened up about her body image, parenting and Easter plans with family.

I am bisexual, says Miranda Kerr

Supermodel Miranda Kerr has revealed that she is bisexual.

Orlando Bloom feels `a deep love` for ex-wife Miranda Kerr

Orlando Bloom has admitted that he still feels `a deep love` for his former wife Miranda Kerr.