Osama raid: Petition filed in Pak court

The petition says Pak should refer the matter to ICJ if US doesn`t respond.

Osama raid: ISI stops intelligence sharing with CIA

ISI now withholds crucial operational details from CIA about militants.

Pak lawyers offer funeral prayers for Osama

Advocate Muhammad Johar led the funeral prayer that was joined by lawyers.

Osama had friction with followers over Qaeda`s strategy: Report

Slain al Qaeda chief Osama bin
Laden apparently had friction with his followers over the
terror group`s strategy and operational focus.

How bin Laden emailed without being detected by US

Osama`s system was painstaking, but it worked, and it allowed him to become a prolific email writer.

Al Qaeda helped in Iraq prison break

The Islamic State of Iraq is linked to al Qaeda.

Osama raid `not an assassination`: US Attorney General

US Attorney General Eric Holder said US raid on Osama`s hideout was a "kill or capture mission".

Ex-ISI chief chides US on Osama

Pak`s ex-spy chief chided US for not sharing info about bin Laden`s whereabouts.

‘Osama preoccupation with US caused rifts within al Qaeda`

Handwritten journals by Osama hint that his preoccupation with attacking US caused friction among his followers.

US to bolster security for SEAL team: Gates

Defense Secy Robert Gates voiced concern about safety of US Navy SEAL team.

Munter not summoned by Pak to protest Osama raid: US

Cameron Munter wasn`t called by Pak to protest against Osama raid, said US.

Pak ISI - Friend or Foe? US not sure

US has raised a stinging query:
Did ISI know about Osama in Abbottabad? Answer is quite likely yes.

Not seeking access to US secret chopper: China

China says it didn`t ask Pak for chopper used by Navy SEALS in Osama raid.

`Pak won’t share US chopper wreckage with China`

The American troops abandoned the wreckage during a raid on Osama`s compound.

Osama eyed new targets, big body count: Diary

Osama bin Laden suggested followers to kill as many Americans as possible.

`Wrong to celebrate Osama`s death`

The poll also found out that 82 percent Americans agree that Osama distorted teachings of Islam.

Osama’s killing benefits Russia: Medvedev

Russia`s government fights an Islamist insurgency along southern flank.

Osama’s journal seized in Pakistan raid

Agents are studying the notebook for information on future al Qaeda plots.

Osama killing "entirely justified": White House

Omar bin Laden had said the Obama Administration
violated international law.

Osama`s son threatens to sue US

Osama`s son has threatened to take legal action against the US.

Osama death may hit Afghanistan insurgents: UK

Osama had left some insurgents in Afghanistan panicked over funding.

Interpol databases used in bin Laden research

US is using Interpol databases to research info recovered from Osama raid.

`Rogue` elements in ISI, army might have helped Osama: Mush

Musharraf said the
"rogue" elements in ISI and Pak military
might have known about Osama`s hideout.

Pious, dutiful & young: Osama’s ideal wife

17-year-old Amal al-Sadah was the “perfect match" for Osama bin Laden, says the matchmaker.

US lawmaker introduces legislation to cut off aid to Pak

The bill prohibits aid to Pak under any provision of law & would take effect on the enactment date.

Ilyas Kashmiri could succeed Osama: US

Kashmiri was once tasked with training Afghan mujahideen to fight the Soviets.

Yemeni Qaeda chief warns jihad will intensify

Yemen warned US not to fool themselves that the "matter will be over" with the killing of Osama.

Come clean on Osama links: US Senator to Pak

A US lawmaker has asked Pakistan to respond to the questions raised by the Obama Administration with regard to the al Qaeda chief Osama bin Laden.

US warned of revenge over Osama death

Al Qaeda has again called on Muslims to avenge the death of Osama bin Laden.

US Lawmakers to see Osama`s death photos

Some US lawmakers would be shown the picture of the corpse of Osama bin Laden.