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Bhitarkanika officials rescue endangered barn owl

Bhitarkanika National Park officials have rescued an endangered barn owl, which is a scheduled animal under the Wildlife Act, from a house in the village near to the forest in Odisha's Kendrapara district.

Soon, `quiet` aircraft inspired by owls` near noiseless wings

Researchers have claimed to have found how exactly owls achieve the acoustic stealth to effectively eliminate the aerodynamic noise from their wings.

Mystery of owl`s rotating head unravelled

Medical illustrators and neurological imaging experts have figured out how night-hunting owls can almost fully rotate their heads without damaging the delicate blood vessels in their necks and heads.

`Owl wings hold clue to quieter aircraft`

The ability of owls to fly silently in search of prey could lead to development of quieter passenger aircraft, Cambridge researchers say.

Wildlife group wants curbs on owl trade

On Diwali, to be celebrated Nov 13 this year, owls are sacrificed and their body parts used in ceremonial `pujas` (prayers) and rituals by black magic practitioners or `tantriks`.

Harry Potter owl owners in legal soup

The couple who supplied owls for a Harry Potter flick have landed in trouble.

Meet the owl that`s scared of heights!

A tawny owl named Troy flies no higher than 6feet off the ground - because it is scared of heights.

Biologists killing barred owl to help spotted on experimental basis

Federal biologists are designing an experiment to see if killing the aggressive barred owl that has invaded old growth forests of the Northwest would help the spotted owl, which is protected.