Obama Admin seeks steep decline in aid to Pakistan

The Obama Administration has requested to the US Congress for a steep decline in its economic and security aid to Pakistan for the year 2014, a latest Congressional report has said.

US House votes to cut aid to `traitor` Pak by $650 mn

The top Republican lawmaker, Ted Poe called the country "Benedict Arnold", the most well-known traitor in American history.

Sherry blocks US Senator’s attempt to stop Pak aid

US Senator Rand Paul has been blocked from attaching an amendment to the farm bill that would withhold US aid to Pakistan.

Dempsey for Pak aid cut; Pentagon says no comment

General Martin Dempsey has said that Senate lawmakers made the right call by voting to trim aid to Pakistan.

US Congress vetoes bill restricting aid to Pak

Members of the US Congress have cast a substantial 335 votes against the Pakistan Terrorism Accountability Act 2012 bill.

US Senate panel votes restrictions on Pakistan aid

The Senate committee did not specify any amount for economic aid to Pakistan for fiscal 2012.

US panel rejects bid to end all Pakistan aid

Lawmakers argue that civilian aid is crucial in the long-run to strengthen democratic institutions.

US dismisses lawmakers` demand for aid cut to Pakistan

The Obama Administration has dismissed demands of a group of lawmakers that US should stop aid to Pakistan in the aftermath of the killing of Osama bin Laden.

Uneasy UK rebuffs calls to cut aid to Pakistan

Pakistan is set to be Britain`s biggest aid recipient by 2015.

US constantly evaluating effectiveness of aid to Pak

US forces, with Pakistan`s help, are fighting war against Taliban and Qaeda.