Pakistan`s ISI could be behind Saharanpur violence: BJP

The BJP on Monday speculated that Pakistan`s ISI could be behind the violence in Saharanpur in Uttar Pradesh.

ISI officers caught cheating in Pakistan exam

At least 500 candidates, including 50 ISI and IB officials, were caught cheating in an examination held for Pakistan`s NACTA, a media report said.

ISI has no faith in Pak`s top law officer

The Inter Services Intelligence (ISI) has reportedly asked for a private counsel in missing persons` case indicating distrust over the Attorney General for Pakistan (AGP).

After ISI headquarters, Sharif visits Interior Ministry

Pakistan Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif on Friday visited the interior ministry where he was briefed on the newly proposed draft of national security policy.

Massive fund raising campaign in West by separatist Sikh groups

An extensive fund raising campaign is being undertaken by secessionist Sikh groups in Europe and North America to revive terrorism in Punjab.

DNA matching of Jundal in a covert operation, mother denies

When photo sent by Indian investigating agency did not match Abu Jundal in Saudi Arabian, a covert DNA matching was undertaken by security agencies.

US military chief cites progress against Haqqanis

Pakistan`s intelligence agency has long been suspected of maintaining ties to the Haqqani network.

ISI inimical to Pak, US interests: NYT

A leading US daily has asked Washington to seek the removal of Lt Gen Ahmed Shuja Pasha as its chief and slap sanctions against its officials involved in terror activities.

Pakistan`s intelligence ready to split with CIA

Such a move could seriously restrict US’ access to information in Pakistan.

ISI still backs Taliban, believes US officials

US believe that Pak`s ISI still supports the Taliban despite recent signals that it had started cracking down on the Islamist group.