Freed US aid to help ease crisis: Palestinian PM

Fayyad said he hoped that the whole amount, meant to support development projects, would be released.

Israeli sanctions starting to bite: Palestinian PM

Officials said that they won`t be able to pay the next round of public sector salaries.

Hamas rejects Fayyad as next Palestinian PM

Hamas` objection could also compromise foreign support for the Palestinian Authority.

Japan urges Palestinian PM for resumption of peace talks

Japan offers Palestine aid amounting to USD 100 million this fiscal year.

Arab-Israeli conflict: Palestinian PM changes rules

Palestinian PM is quietly changing the rules of the Arab-Israeli conflict with a simple credo: Palestinians have to build their state now.

Palestinian PM predicts independent state by August next year

Citing Mahatma Gandhi, Palestinian
Premier Salam Fayyad has said his people would not tolerate
injustice after enduring decades of Israeli occupation and
predicted an independent Palestinian state by August 2011.