Palestinians seek action against Israel over detainees

The world must take immediate action against Israel over its detention without charge of 130 Palestinian prisoners on a long-term hunger strike, the Palestinian leadership said on Wednesday.

Israel releases 26 Palestinian prisoners: Palestinian official

Israel released early Tuesday 26 Palestinian prisoners, a Palestinian official told a news agency, in accordance with commitments made to revive US-brokered peace talks.

Israel names Palestinian prisoners to be released

Israel released the list late yesterday. All were convicted in connection to the killing of Israelis.

Israel frees 26 Palestinian prisoners

Israel freed 26 veteran Palestinian prisoners on Wednesday, alongside US-brokered peace talks, a news agency correspondents said.

Israel to release second batch of Palestinian prisoners

The whole process is set to be completed by March of next year by when all the 104 prisoners would be released.

Israel to release second batch of Palestinian prisoners

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu on Sunday said Israel would go ahead with the planned release of 26 Palestinian prisoners as a goodwill gesture, despite tension within the right-wing dominated government.

Israel frees 26 Palestinian prisoners

Israel on Tuesday began to free a group of Palestinian prisoners, whose release was agreed as part of the deal that allowed peace talks to resume.

Israel names Palestinians to be freed before peace

Israel on Monday named 26 Palestinian prisoners to be freed under a deal enabling US-backed peace talks to resume, although Palestinians said these had been undermined by newly announced plans to expand Israeli settlements.

Israel to free 26 Palestinian prisoners ahead of peace talks

Families of Israelis victimized by the inmates` attacks have 48 hours to appeal their planned release to the high court. Based on past decisions, the court was unlikely to intervene.

Israel to free `around 80` Palestinian prisoners: Official

Israel is set to decide on the release of around 80 long-serving Palestinian prisoners ahead of renewed peace talks, an Israeli official said Monday.

Israel to release Palestinian prisoners ahead of peace talks

Several Palestinian prisoners jailed in Israel prison for years will now reportedly be released.

Israel rethinking position on prisoner swaps

Defense Minister Ehud Barak said Israel has "no choice but to overhaul the rules" now that Gilad Schalit had been freed.

Israel prepares to free 550 Palestinian prisoners

Israel was preparing to release 550 Palestinian prisoners who will be freed after nightfall to complete a swap deal.

Israel prepares for second stage of prisoner swap

Israel began preparations on Thursday to release 550 Palestinian prisoners in the second stage of a deal with Hamas.

Day One of freedom for Mideast swap club

Shalit, whose skinny frame is the talk of Israel, took a morning stroll with his mother outside the family home.

UN concerned by location of Palestinian release

The UN rights office also raised concerns that thousands
of Palestinians remained detained by Israel.

US concerned over release of Palestinian prisoners

Mark Toner said that "the US Government deems some of the prisoners as posing a threat to Israel and US interests".

Egypt frees 14 Palestinian prisoners

The Egyptian authorities late Tuesday released 14 Palestinian prisoners detained during the rule of ousted president Hosni Mubarak, the Palestinian Al Quds radio station has reported.

Israeli PM flays humiliating treatment of Palestinian prisoners

A footage shows an Israeli soldier belly dancing beside Palestinian prisoner.

Israeli in Facebook storm defends prisoner photos

A former Israeli soldier has defended her act of posting pictures of Palestinian detainees on Facebook.