Forest teams continue to track panthers who entered Smriti Van park

Nearly 20 forest department officials are camping in the park to track the panther movement that perhaps have found better prey area in the park than the Jhalana forest.

Mar 13, 2017, 16:31 PM IST

Global alliance commits $80m to save world`s wild cats and ecosystems

Many environmental philanthropists have agreed to provide funding to change the course of wild cat protection through Panthera, an organization dedicated to ensuring safety to wild cats through scientific leadership and conservation action.

Jun 03, 2014, 15:59 PM IST

Maharashtra lost 120 tigers, 425 panthers in 2 yrs

In the backdrop of widespread
concern over the declining tiger population in the country, it
has come to notice that Maharashtra lost 120 tigers between
2005 and 2007.

Mar 24, 2010, 17:44 PM IST