Quick guidelines: Treating fever in infants!

High temperatures have been one such common thing that is seen in infants causing fear and confusion among parents. But there's no need to panic even if your baby has temperatures because most fevers are harmless and caused by a mild infection.

Parenting tips: Famous celebrity parents share their best baby advice

Here are some parenting tips from celebrities who offer some pearls of wisdom on how to raise kids.

5 celebrities give parenting advice

Famous parents share their best baby advice.

Parenting tips: Ten signs your newborn is ill

Below are some helpful tips to help you know your little one is ill as well as some general guidelines for when to seek medical help.

Madhoo`s parenting tips

Actress Madhoo, a mother to daughters Ameyaa and Keia, is in favour of providing children freedom in their growing years.

Jada Pinkett Smith defends parenting skills amidst criticism

Jada Pinkett Smith has defended herself after being accused of being a very lenient mother.

Robbie Williams gives parenting tips to Adele

New father singer Robbie Williams says he and his wife Ayda Field have been offering parenting tips to their friend Adele.

Adele turns to TV’s `Supernanny` for parenting tips

Singing sensation Adele is reportedly taking tips from TV`s `Supernanny` Jo Frost to prepare for the birth of her child.

Chris Hemsworth takes parenting tips from brother

Actor Chris Hemsworth, who became a father this year, is taking parenting tips from his brother Luke.

Even kindergarteners see the benefits of positive thinking

Even little children know that thinking positively will make one feel better, a new study has found.

SRK feels excited to give parenting tips to Abhishek

Bollywood superstar Shah Rukh Khan, who is a proud father of two children, says he would love to give parenting tips to would-be-dad Abhishek Bachchan.

JLo avoids giving parenting tips

Jennifer Lopez doesn`t give advice to expectant mothers.