Paris Hilton goes house hunting in New York
Paris Hilton goes house hunting in New York

Paris Hilton is hunting for a downtown apartment in New York City.

Paris Hilton buys world's smallest Pomeranian
Paris Hilton buys world's smallest Pomeranian

 Socialite Paris Hilton has bought the world's smallest Pomeranian and paid $13,000 for the pet.

Paris Hilton settles court battle with footwear company
Paris Hilton settles court battle with footwear company

Socialite Paris Hilton has settled court battle with a Manhattan footwear company named Antebi Footwear.

Paris Hilton's younger brother injured in car accident

 Paris Hilton's younger brother, Conrad Hilton, was injured in a car crash which occurred on a highway near Palm Springs, California.

Paris Hilton earns 1.6 mn pounds from four nights` work?

Socialite Paris Hilton earned a whopping 1.6 million pounds (approximately $27,00,000) for working as a DJ just for four nights.

Kim Kardashian reunites with Hilton following 6-year feud

Kim Kardashian has reunited with former friend Paris Hilton, after their six-year feud over the socialite`s alleged comments about the TV star`s body.

Paris Hilton spotted kissing a new man!

Socialite Paris Hilton, who recently split from boyfriend River Viiperi, was photographed kissing a new man on the beach in Malibu, California.

Paris Hilton`s new tune inspired by Madonna, Lisa Frank

Socialite Paris Hilton has revealed that she was highly inspired by pop star Madonna and designer Lisa Frank while creating the music and video for her new tune `Come Alive`.

Paris Hilton compares herself with Albert Einstein

Socialite Paris Hilton has revealed that her zodiac sign, Aquarius, has some kind of cosmic link to the German physicist Albert Einstein.

Mean comments do not bother Paris Hilton

Socialite Paris Hilton says criticism does not matter to her anymore and she pays no attention to the mean comments often used against her.

Paris Hilton slams Jeremy Jackson over assault accusation

Paris Hilton has hit back at `Baywatch` star Jeremy Jackson for accusing her of assaulting him during a brawl that broke out at the socialite`s home over the weekend.

Paris Hilton quits junk food

Paris Hilton has given up junk food! Thanks to it, she has lost weight and feels much better about herself.

Paris Hilton flirted with Justin Bieber?

Paris Hilton was spotted "flirting" with pop sensation Justin Bieber when they partied together at the ongoing 67th Cannes International Film Festival.

Paris Hilton sued for $2 million

Paris Hilton is being sued for $2 million by a footwear company that claims she has breached her licensing agreement with them.

Paris Hilton flashes flesh at fest

Socialite Paris Hilton chose to slip into revealing outfit for Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival here.

Johnny Depp fears reality shows, commercials

Actor Johnny Depp is terrified of people`s obsession with material goods and reality star icons.

Paris Hilton`s suffers wardrobe malfunction

Socialite Paris Hilton suffered a wardrobe malfunction at her birthday bash here.

Tattoo covered stalker scariest: Paris Hilton

Paris Hilton reveals that of all the stalkers, the guy who showed up at her home covered in her tattoos is the scariest.

Obsessed fan arrested outside Paris Hilton`s house

A German man who flew to Los Angeles to profess his love for socialite Paris Hilton was arrested after showing up in a drunk condition outside her house.

Paris Hilton builds mini-replica of her house for pups

Paris Hilton has built a mansion for her dogs which is the exact replica of her house.