Party Congress finalises list of top Chinese officials

On the fourth day of their brain storming Congress to select new set of Chinese leaders to replace the current lot.

CPI-M rejects "identity politics"

The "identity politics" theory, where caste, religion, ethnicity and gender play dominant role
in shaping politics, has few takers in the CPI-M leadership at the on-going 20th party congress here.

Vietnam wraps up party Congress

Vietnam`s grand meeting to pick its top Communist leaders wrapped up Wednesday with the reshuffling of many familiar high-ranking party members.

Cuba announces date for important party congress

Cuba will hold a long-delayed, and much-anticipated, Communist Party Congress next April.

CPI-M party congress may be deferred

CPI(M)`s next party congress is
likely to be deferred due to the Assembly elections in West
Bengal and Kerala, party insiders hinted on Thursday.