Virus alert for Smartphone users!
Virus alert for Smartphone users!

The smartphone virus 'AndroidSmssend' threatens users with its ability to steal personal information and sending unwanted SMSes to people on the user's contact list.

Is it possible to keep passwords 100% secure online?
Is it possible to keep passwords 100% secure online?

A computer scientist recently weighed in on whether people can ever truly master the online password security process.

eBay faces backlash on delays in handling cyber attack

Online marketplace eBay is facing backlash over its handling of a hack attack that exposed millions of passwords and other data.

After cyberattack, eBay recommends password change

US online giant eBay today said cyberattackers broke into its database with customer passwords and other personal data in what could be one of the biggest breaches of its kind.

Chromebook may soon open when close to your smartphone sans password

Chromebook may soon add a new feature, which will automatically unlock the device when in close proximity with a registered smartphone.

LastPass adds security check scan to scour sites for `Heartbleed` bug

Password manager LastPass has reportedly added a bug vulnerability scan to its site security check in order to detect the most dangerous bug "Heartbleed" plaguing the Web world.

Google acquires Israeli security start-up SlickLogin

Google is acquiring SlickLogin, an Israeli developer of sound-based password alternative, in an "acqui-hiring deal".

Steps to password protect your iWork documents for web sharing

Apple recently updated its iWork office suite, allowing users to password protect specific documents for web sharing.

`Password` no longer the Internet`s worst password

The number sequence "123456" has overtaken "password" as the most common worst password among Internet users, an online security firm says.

Microsoft updates security features for account holders

Microsoft is adding a few new security features for Microsoft Account holders.

Quick tips to secure passwords revealed!

With increasing online threat to privacy, it has become very important to secure your important password and information online from hackers. And the secret to it is, it should be easy to remember and hard to guess.

Top five things which should never be shared on Facebook

The social media has become an integral part of everyday life but users need to be aware of what and how much they share on sites like Facebook which might be used by malicious hackers.

`Eye-tracking biometric tech can bring revolution in password authentication system`

A recent study has revealed that eye-tracking technology could be vital for creating an authentication system that doesn`t rely on passwords.

11 things not to do with email revealed

Our email is the simplest and most common vulnerable thing to spying eyes.

Google may soon replace passwords with `physical keys`

Search giant Google is set to kill off passwords and is experimenting with USB keys, mobile phones and even jewelry that can act as a physical `key` to give users access to their account.

Spelling mistakes and bad grammar may be key to choosing good password

Researchers have claimed that the key to finding more secure code could be straightforward - just don`t use good grammar or spelling.

Australian songbirds use secret password to identify offspring

An Australian song bird uses secret passwords to prevent food theft, scientists have found.

25 ‘most dangerous’ passwords revealed!

The top three passwords of the year are ‘password’, ‘123456’ and ‘12345678’, a new survey has showed.

Soon, your walk can be your new password

Scientists are advancing biometrics security systems a step further by developing `biosoles` that can recognise you based upon your unique walk.

Now, store your password in your subconscious!

The majority of internet users` security is threatened by big data breaches or simplistic passwords easily targeted by hackers, Extreme Tech website explained.