US senator to propose strong curbs on NSA phone data collection

A new Senate proposal to curb the government`s bulk collection of Americans` telephone records and increase transparency about the program has White House backing and may get more traction with critics who have dismissed other bills as too weak.

US spy chief defends `noble` mission, denounces leaks

The head of the National Security Agency defended US surveillance programs as part of a "noble" mission to protect the nation and said reports on them were "sensationalised".

Pak`s $5,000 per NATO truck demand `extortion`

A New York Times report stated that Pakistan wanted USD 5,000 for each truck that passed through its territory.

US Senate panel cuts aid for Pakistan, Egypt

The Senate Appropriations subcommittee on foreign operations cut aid to Pakistan, Iraq, Egypt and Afghanistan.

`Hillary to let military aid to Egypt continue`

Congress has approved USD 1.3 billion in military aid to Egypt for the current fiscal year, which ends on September 30.

Hillary warns of "problems" with Egypt over NGOs

Hillary Clinton said the United States saw no justification for raids on the offices of NGOs in Egypt.