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Philippines buys 100 patrol boats to combat poachers

The Philippines is buying nearly 100 new patrol boats to protect its fisheries, an official said Monday, in a substantial expansion from its current fleet of 20 as it responds to poaching by Chinese and Taiwanese vessels.

China deploys patrol boats on Mekong: Report

China has deployed more than 300
armed police to patrol the Mekong river in boats in collaboration with Myanmar, Thailand and Laos after a deadly attack in October, state-run media has said.

Chinese patrol boats depart disputed waters: Japan

Beijing had sent boats to protect fishing vessels operating in East China Sea.

Japan to ask China to pay for damaged patrol boats

A Chinese fishing boat had collided with Japan Coast Guard ships on Sept 07.

Maltese patrol boats rescue 115 illegal immigrants

A total of 115 would-be illegal immigrants were being taken to Malta on Saturday after being rescued from a sinking dinghy, officials said.