Paul Walker`s car wreckage thief jailed

A man, who stole a piece of wreckage from the crashed car that killed actor Paul Walker last year, has been sentenced to six months in prison.

It`s one of my darkest moments: Vin Diesel on Walker`s death

Action star Vin Diesel has called his friend and actor Paul Walker`s passing one of the most difficult moments of his life.

Paul Walker`s daughter shares picture on Instagram

`Fast & Furious` star Paul Walker`s daughter Meadow has shared her picture on social media, seven months after her father died in a road accident.

Jessica Alba remembers down-to-earth Paul Walker

Actress Jessica Alba has opened up about her sadness following the death of her `Into The Blue` co-star Paul Walker last year.

Being part of `Fast & Furious 7` huge deal for me: Ali Fazal

Rubbing shoulders with the likes of Paul Walker and Kurt Russell while filming `Fast & Furious 7` was a huge deal for Bollywood actor Ali Fazal, who has grown up watching the action franchise.

Paul Walker`s brother to star in more `Fast and Furious` films

Paul Walker`s brother Cody will reportedly return for more "Fast and Furious" films after the seventh installment.

Paul Walker`s daughter to live with her mother, nanny

A family court commissioner has determined that Paul Walker`s daughter Meadow will live with her biological mother, Rebecca Soteros, and a nanny.

Paul Walker was wary of stardom?

Late actor Paul Walker, who passed away last year in a car accident, was wary of stardom as he felt "it ruins you".

Paul Walker`s mum gives up bid for granddaughter Meadow`s custody

Paul Walker`s mom Cheryl Walker has reportedly given up her bid for her son`s daughter Meadow after a long-running battle with the 15-year-old`s mum Rebecca Soteros.

Paul Walker`s mother drops custody bid for his daughter

Paul Walker`s mother has requested a dismissal of her petition for guardianship of the late actor`s 15-year-old daughter, Meadow Rain.

Paul Walker`s brothers recruited to complete `Fast and Furious 7`

Paul Walker`s brothers Caleb and Cody have been roped in to `fill in small gaps left in production` of `Fast and Furious 7`.

Paul Walker`s absence is tough: Jordana Brewster

Actress Jordana Brewster has opened up about resuming work on `Fast & Furious 7` in the wake of the death of her co-star Paul Walker.

`Fast and Furious 7` resumes production after Walker`s death

Action film `Fast and Furious 7` has resumed shooting after its production had to be halted last year following actor Paul Walker`s death.

Paul`s mother, ex-girlfriend caught in legal battle

Paul Walker`s mother Cheryl and ex-girlfriend Rebecca Soteros will reportedly fight a court battle to win the custody of the late actor`s 15-year-old daughter.

Vin Diesel pays tribute to Paul Walker again

Vin Diesel has paid tribute to his late `Fast and Furious` co-star Paul Walker again.

Speed, old tyres killed actor Paul Walker

An investigation has found that the high-performance Porsche that Paul Walker was riding in was travelling up to 150kmh when it crashed and burst into flames.

CGI, body doubles to be used for Paul Walker scenes in `Fast and Furious 7`

CGI and voice-effects, along with body doubles, may be used in scenes for Paul Walker`s in `Fast and Furious 7`.

`Fast & Furious 7` to resume production

Production on `Fast & Furious 7`, the long-running vehicular action series, will resume production by end of this month.

Paul Walker worked to create memorable name

ate actor Paul Walker, whose last film `Brick Mansions` will hit the screens in India April 25, believed in working to "create a memorable name".

`Fast & Furious 7` production to resume in April?

The production of ‘Fast & Furious 7’ is reportedly set to resume in April.