Techie`s death: Pawan`s family agree to bring body from US

Father of Pawan Anjaiah, a techie from Karnataka who allegedly committed suicide at a US hotel said they have agreed to bring back the body to India.

Pawan`s family threaten protests against firm

A relative of Pawan Kumar Anjaiah said the family planned to stage protests against Congnizant for not "helping" them to bring back the body.

`My family clueless on arrival of Pawan`s body`

Father of Pawan Kumar Anjaiah said his family were clueless about the arrival of his son`s body here and performs the last rites.

Indian techie found dead in US left suicide note: Authorities

A 26-year old Indian employee at an IT firm, who was found dead in a New Jersey hotel last week, had left a suicide note, authorities said.

Indian, wanted in American woman’s murder, dead

A 26-year-old Indian employee at an IT firm, who was accused of murdering an American woman, was found dead after he allegedly committed suicide due to suspected drug overdose at a New Jersey hotel.