Kofi Annan admits failure of Syrian peace mission

Kofi Annan, the joint UN and Arab League envoy to Syria, has admitted his failure in solving Syrian crisis.

I want violence-free Pakistan: Sri Sri

Indian spiritual leader Ravi Shankar arrived in Pak on a 3-day visit, saying he wanted to see a violence-free Pakistan.

Halt violence: Arab League tells Syria again

The Arab League repeated its demand for the Syrian govt to immediately stop all violence and allow more monitors in.

Nepal at crossroads as UN ends peace mission

A UN mission was set up 4 years ago to oversee Nepal`s post-war transition.

UN ends Nepal peace mission after four years

The UN ended its peace
mission in Nepal after four years, as the chief of the world
body asked the deadlocked parties to redouble their efforts to
push forward the stalled political reconciliation process.

Peace process in Nepal moving toward critical period: UN official

The term of UNMIN in Nepal ends on January 15.

UN orders end to Nepal peace mission in January

The UN gives Nepal`s rival factions four months to settle their differences.