UN medal for eight Indian peacekeepers killed in line of duty

Eight Indian soldiers, who lost their lives while serving in UN peacekeeping operations last year, are among 106 military, police and civilian personnel to be posthumously awarded a prestigious UN medal this week for their courage and sacrifice in the line of duty.

UN says several peacekeepers killed in Mali

A bomb explosion killed several members of the United Nations peacekeeping mission in Mali in the troubled northern city of Kidal, a spokesman for the mission said on Saturday.

UN keeps Ivory Coast peacekeeper reinforcements

The UN Security Council
voted unanimously on Friday to keep the 10,000 strong UN
peacekeeping force in Ivory Coast while the new government
regains control of the West African country.

UN peacekeeper from Nepal killed in Haiti

The UN says one of
its peacekeepers has died in an apparent accident in a town
north of the capital.

Somali militants display dead peacekeeper bodies

Somali militants said they had paraded dead bodies of five AU peacekeepers.