Are we programmed to take bad decisions

A natural desire to try and replicate what our neighbours or friends are doing could be behind the bad decisions that we end up taking, a new study shows.

Friends drive you to pick the butt more than kick it

Friends can influence behaviour of your kid a lot and researchers have found that friends exert influence on their peers to both start and quit smoking, but the influence to start is stronger.

Peer pressure works best on kids reducing soft drinks

Are you finding it difficult to persuade your kids from gulping too many cans of soft drink in a day? Do not worry, as a team of researchers now seems to have found a way to cutting back on sugary drinks by teenagers.

Peer pressure may influence food choices

Obesity may be a "socially transmitted disease," suggests a new study which found that social norms influence our food choices.

Peer pressure, social factors lead to smoking: Survey

A majority of smokers in Kolkata fall prey to the habit between the age group of 16 to 20 and social factors like friends and peer pressure play an important role in picking up the habit.

Peer pressure influences body image of girls

Surprisingly, peers exert a greater influence on teenaged girls` body images than do reed thin models that flash on TV screens, says a new study.

Peer pressure drives spread of anorexia

Peer group pressure is one of the most significant influences on self-image and the development of anorexia.

‘Friends’ influence, low self-control fuel youth cybercrime’

Peer influence and low self-control appear to be the major factors fuelling juvenile cybercrimes.