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Cheese can enhance taste of wine

The study used a new sensory evaluation method and found consuming cheese while drinking wine impacted the description and preference of different wines.

Tall men in mid-thirties perceived to be most dominant

Tall masculine men who are around 35 years of age are perceived to be the most dominant.

Past learning affects what we see: Study

Prior knowledge impacts how the brain processes what we see, says a new study.

Challenge lies in conveying clearly to reader: Amitav Ghosh

A reader's perception of a text depends a lot on how the author makes his intention come across to him, and therefore the challenge for the writer lies in ensuring what he wants to convey reaches the reader clearly, says litterateur Amitav Ghosh.

Perception is that I had it easy: Jackky Bhagnani

Perception is that I had it easy: Jackky Bhagnani

 Actor Jackky Bagnani, son of film producer Vashu Bhagnani, says the perception about him has been that his entry into Bollywood has been easy. But he asserts that it has not been an easy ride.

I felt trapped by public perception: Marilyn Manson

I felt trapped by public perception: Marilyn Manson

Musician Marilyn Manson says he explored painting and acting because he felt trapped by his public persona and wanted to try something, which was unexpected of him.

Obsession over Olympic medal not helping India: Pankaj Advani

Obsession over Olympic medal not helping India: Pankaj Advani

Indian cue sports star Pankaj Advani on Thursday remarked Olympic achievement has become national "obsession" and urged the athletes to change their perception to excel in their respective disciplines.

Do socially responsible firms sell unhealthy food

Contrary to popular perception, companies that engage in socially responsible activities may not always produce healthy food products, says a study.

Shades of grey – The perception of perfection

“Have no fear of perfection - you'll never reach it.” - Salvador Dalí

Distance just a matter of perception

Why is it that we find the initial hours of a journey longer than the final stretch?

Dipannita may co-script movie on fashion industry

Model-actress Dipannita Sharma is likely to co-write a movie script on the fashion industry. She hopes the project changes the `perception` of people about the `one dimensional angle` of the industry.

People perceive depth according to their arm`s length

A new study has found that people have a preferred distance at which they judge depth most accurately. They overestimate depth when objects are closer and underestimate depth when objects are farther away.

How torture can permanently alter perception of pain

Researchers have tried to study the long-term effects of torture on the human pain system.

People `scared of dying badly rather than actually dying`

A new study has shed light on how perception about euthanasia and dying has changed since the 1970s.

Perceptions about pain can make it worse: Scientists

Is taking an injection always a painful experience for you? Well, it`s all in your mind, scientists say.

`No link between perception of sweet tooth and eating`

There is a perception that our eating would have something to do with `sweet tooth`, a condition in which a person fancy sweet foods.

Pigeons `never forget a face`

Even feral and untrained pigeons can recognise individuals and are not fooled
by a change of clothes.

Perception of women managers remains unchanged: Study

Stereotypes and preconceptions of women being fragile and lacking qualities to be effective managers are still prevailing.

Cultural differences influence our perception of death: Study

A new study has found how cultural differences shape our response to mortality.

India, China should have common perception about LAC: Kaur

Incidents arising out of
boundary dispute with China can be avoided if both the
countries have a common perception about the Line of Actual
Control (LAC), the government on Wednesday said.