'Digital age underscores need to protect human privacy'

In a world driven by data, notably in the digital format, culture and ethics must be at the heart of any debate on protecting a human's privacy, before seeing it as a technical or legal issue, said the participants at a creative forum here.

XRay: New tool to track use of personal data online

Researchers have recently developed a new tool called `XRay`, which will help web users to keep a track of the use of their personal data online.

Now, dress turns transparent as you share personal data

Researchers have developed a data-driven smart dress that becomes transparent in response to the digital data the wearer is producing.

New online game reveals how much your personal data is exposed to risk

A new online game allows users to understand how much their personal data is at risk of getting exposed and how much even the smallest piece of that information can be a `goldmine` to some.

Google, Facebook deny compromising personal data

Amidst an uproar in the US over the issue of government secretly tracking information on foreigners from Internet firms, Google and Facebook have categorically denied their participation in such a project.

Beware! Your computer may be spying on you

If you are given to gossiping and easing out in office the minute your boss steps out, beware your computer could be keeping an eye on you.

Personal data on Russians being sold in malls

Illegal trade in databases of citizens and organisations has become widespread in Russia.

How to protect personal data from hackers?

Never, ever do banking or transactions online on an open Wi-Fi and try use one computer, for the purpose.