Long isolated Mashco-Piro Indians appear in Peru

A tribe of Indians that lives in voluntary isolation in Peru`s southeastern Amazon has made a tense attempt at contact.

Peru says Shining Path number two killed in clash

The number two leader of Peru`s Shining Path is believed to have been killed with two other guerrillas in a battle with government forces, President Ollanta Humala said.

Strong earthquake hits off the coast of Peru

The US Geological Survey says a strong earthquake with a preliminary magnitude of 6.2 has struck off the coast of northern Peru.

Lima zoo to exhibit Peru`s first white tiger cub

The Huachipa Zoological Park in Lima plans to put Peru`s first white tiger born in captivity on exhibit next week, said veterinarian Catalina Hermoza.

New bird species discovered in Peru

A new small, black-coloured bird species, with an unusual voice, has been discovered in the remote Andes Mountains of central Peru.

100 bodies from prison massacre exhumed in Peru

The bodies of more than 100 accused Shining Path rebels slain during a 1986 prison uprising have been exhumed in and around Lima since mid-July.

1,200-year old mausoleum with 63 bodies found in Peru

A team of Polish and Peruvian archaeologists found 63 bodies in a 1,200-years old pre-Inca mausoleum in Peru`s northern Ancash region.

Dozens of mummies found in pre-Inca royal tomb in Peru

Polish and Peruvian archaeologists have discovered a royal burial chamber with 60 mummies and some 1,200 gold, silver and ceramic objects from over 1,000 years ago in Peru.

Bus plunges into Peru River, 30 dead

At least 30 people died when a bus plunged off a highway into a river in central Peru, authorities said on Wednesday.

Group searches for two ships lost near Peru in 1615

A group of researchers headed by maritime historian Jorge Ortiz Sotelo is continuing the search for two Spanish vessels that went missing along the coast south of Lima in 1615.

Russian manufacturer offers Peru T-90S tank

Russia’s Uralvagonzavod plant is prepared to provide Peru with a full-scale specimen of its T-90S, a main battle tank currently on show at a defense expo in Lima.

Angry with Peru, Maduro calls home ambassador

President Nicolas Maduro has responded angrily to a call by Peru`s foreign minister for tolerance and dialogue in Venezuela, saying he will recall his ambassador for consultations.

At least 33 dead in Peru bus crash

At least 33 people died and 10 others have been injured after a bus plunged 200 metres (650 feet) down a ravine in northern Peru, police said.

Training for poll officials from abroad

Election officials from 19 nations are participating in 2-week training programme organised by India International Institute of Democracy and Election Management of ECI.

Helicopter crashes in Peru, 13 feared dead

A helicopter with 13 people aboard, headed to a Perenco oil production facility, crashed into a jungle in northeastern Peru Sunday, and there were no signs of survivors, the company said.

Taxis light up airstrip in Peru for medevac flight

Their lights blaring in the night, hundreds of taxis lined an unlit airstrip in a jungle region of Peru so an emergency medevac plane could take off.

Peru bus crash kills 24

At least 24 people, most of them miners, were killed and a similar number were injured when their bus plunged into a ravine in Peru.

Two new lizard species discovered in Peru

Scientists have discovered two new species of lizards, with colourful splotches of green and brown on their bodies, in the Peruvian rain forest.

Peru extradites runaway ex-judge to Israel

A former Israeli judge who fled to Peru after allegedly receiving bribes had to return to his native country finally.

5,000-year-old temple found in Peru

A team of archaeologists discovered a temple and a hearth some 5,000 years old at the El Paraiso archaeological complex east of Lima.